Daniel Radcliffe has some fake nudes | The Blemish

Daniel Radcliffe has some fake nudes

By on February 23, 2007

Daniel Radcliffe

A full frontal nude photo of with penis began floating around the net late last night. What was supposed to be some girl’s (and guy’s) wet dream come true, turned out to be a fake. I know this because of extensive research which involved not looking at this picture and setting fire to my monitor. Some people proclaim this character to be the mastermind behind my apparent blindness; a guy known to manipulate photos. Click the image above to see the big uncensored NSFW version. Beware the man-junk.

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  • LaLa

    not circumsized either…

  • Ding Dong

    I am liking the uncircumsized penis on Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Randy

    It’s obviously a fake. Anyone can see that a square pic has been inserted with the penis. It is photoshop and badly done also. :)

  • SVguy

    Yo that dick isnt even worty 2 be a dick, its a chod. Dam his dick is so small and isnt he Jewish. Wats up wid the extra skin. And those legs are so not his

  • Dana

    fake or not it’s like an artist drawing from a court room. The people are there we just can not see them. In the case if Daniel every one knows he is doing a play with full frontal nudity and if we all were in the UK with tickets we could see the same thing. It’s not like he denies he is nude in the play, its just part of the show. If it’s fake I feel that is about what he would look like.

  • Mrs. Radcliffe

    OMG. That’s soooo hott. He has a nice ass too ;)

  • horny

    What a huge dick, i just wanna feel it between my tits. No one can see how beautiful is it? I just wonder if i ask him to cum on my face. I think you all are jealous, coz Daniel has a big and tasty dick.
    Daniel I don’t understand how can you be virgin!!! I wanna suck your dick and hust feel it under my horny pussy

  • horny


  • patrai

    Somebody said on a website, that Dan is circumcised. my only question is that how do you know it? He said it himself?
    Because, this dick is obviously a fake one, and I think Dan has a bigger dick than this.

  • o dam

    oh fuck! i wanna suck that.

  • huh?

    why is he wearing a cockring?? hmmm

  • Ron

    Lol, he isn’t and the picture is a fake because he is cut, not un-cut

  • John

    lol he’s not cut, he’s British, you idiots

  • briggs

    the photo is a facke because the it is taken from the offidial pic of him iwth the horse used for pr. the hip and top of the legs in that color pic are differently positioned so no way this pic could be legit since every other apsect down to eyelashes are in the same spot. its a doctored bottom on the real top!

  • hit

    wow! is fake! is pitty ’cause i will love see him nude *.*

  • Alyssa


  • Alyssa


  • Alyssa


  • Mike

    I want him to suck my penis. And I want to suck his.

  • sex girl

    he is so fucking hot i want him in my bed now
    i dont care if this pic of his penis is fake i want to suck his cock

  • jack

    my boy friend dick looks like his to i would fuck daniel any day hey just noticed my boyfriend has the same name

  • kristi

    oMG>>>>>>!!!!! i don’t care if it is fake it makes me very happy!!!!! OMG!!!!

  • http://bcb america

    esto es

    un asco.com la porra los saluda

  • Anna

    DANIEL JACOB RADCLIFFE! with your NUUUDDDY all hanging out! *blushes* hot as hell….

  • http://ryan-emm-1995.bebo.com Ryanemm

    You think that is nice Gadz

  • Samantha

    As Much As I Would Love To Belive That Picture Is Daniel’s Actual Dick Its So Obviously Photoshoped From The Waist Down. =’[

  • nick

    Wow i want to suck that so bad it looks so tasty i want to eat his cum to!

  • Jake

    Oh my GOd, his DIck looks so tasty i would suck him off any time and fuck him.

  • James

    I’be been to see the play. No way is that his real cock. He had a small cock, not very impressive!

  • No name

    Holy hell! His dick is big. I’d suck that any day!

  • sam

    Wow he has a nice dick never though he would have something like that and he is UNCUT TOO!

  • jilly

    i really wana deepthroat him

  • Ivo

    Hes so fucking sexy. I really wanna see his real cock.

  • xxx

    I wanna suck it

  • Nayla

    THANK HEAVENS! I’m a big fan of both the books and the cast of Harry Potter, incl. Dan Radcliffe. But that frontal nude picture of him’s kinda irritating for me … Euuuuwwwwww! I’m so glad that it’s a fake.

  • john

    yum yum love to eat it

  • john

    Or Love to sit on it

  • penis sucker

    omg, it is so huge! i wannabsuk on it right now. it is so delishus! i want im to like my vagina and then have sex with me! he is so fucking hot!

  • http://www.fjbjub.net гиги бигi

    Are u crazy?It’s so small myne is 10x bigger and longer

  • What’s the hell?

    It’s a big fake, because in other pic, that is real, we can look clearly, that Daniel Radcliffe has a lot of pubic hair! and in this pic, he hasn’t pubic hair!

  • David Fairman

    What other pick please put up a link.

  • What other pic

    What other picture are you talking about??? Please tell me i’ll beg

  • britishman

    dan is not circumcised, his british not a fuckin and looser american

  • Sexgirl

    Does anyone actally Know The Website That his real penis is on
    I Sooooooo! want it
    Please can some get back to me


    I’l do anything

  • Michelle

    I’ve sucked a lot of dicks, but that one would be much beter in my pussy=)

  • John

    I went to see the play 2 weeks ago & I was in the front row, so I can tell you:
    1) Daniel is circumcised
    2) He has a lot more pubic hair than in this pic
    3) His penis is very small – the shaft is so short that it just sticks out horizontally, it doesn’t hang down, and it doesn’t cover his scrotum at all. His glans is small too.
    4) Despite this, he is very hot – he has a great body, quite a lot of muscle, and he’s surprisingly hairy for a 17-year-old
    So now you all know!

  • http://www.mars.mars.hu Mars Mars

    Oh my g…! Dan nude picture! :O
    :’( Oh noooooo!

  • Brett

    I saw tghe show 2 days ago. I was on Stage Seating – 2 meters away from Dan in full nuduty: This pic is a fake. Hi dick is just over half this size (small-medium -although nerves and cold could have playeed a part – he was on stage for 10 minutes naked, moving arouned for all to see); he IS circumsised and has a lot more hair. He is extrememly sexy and confident on stage. very YUMMY!

  • someone

    hey umm brittishman FUCK YOU!

  • http://insightbb.com L.A.T.

    he is soooooooooooo hot i mean he is just so fricken sexy.SEXY BEAST.man i wish i could have been there OMG.But is it really that small, if it is that small it’s gonna be a small fit for me*wink wink*