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Akon simulates sex with a young fan

By on April 16, 2007

Rapper gave a young female fan a special treat during a Trinidad show at Club Zen. Unimaginative simulated sex. The rapper, best known for his song “Smack That”, dry humped the girl every which way on stage. After a minute, can be seen scuffling away prematurely. Having been used and discarded like Kleenex at a Babes of Star Trek convention, the unidentified female curled up into the fetal position and mumbled, “Best. Concert. Ever”

Also, it’s not clear how old this girl is. People on Youtube say 15. That’s obviously an ugly rumor designed to hurt Akon. She looks more like 16.

Note: The original video is back. I put some other video below of a different Akon concert.

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  • Linda

    Oh God. Poor woman. The guy’s got a damn deformed face! I’d have nightmares if I was her.
    I was trying to make mind up about him (he has some kind of sort of good songs). This definitely made me lose all respect for him.

  • Me

    Youtube link is down… any other links to the video?

  • Kyle

    Dis Video is not from Trinidad!!!
    Dat is Some where else…. Where is DJ BENNY D????
    Akon wuz Bareback wen he wuz rapin d gyul…
    Where allyuh get this video???
    seems like this is a usual trend of the Hip Hop Star Akon

  • SHAL

    The girl in the video IS 15 years old for your information. You’re an absolute cunt to believe that this is a rumor designed to hurt akon. He is a soul-less pig and anybody who supports him is just as retarded as you. I know her very well and she did not expect to be violated like that nor did she deserve to be violated like that.
    You people have some serious issues. I hope men rape you and your girl children.

  • http://theblemish.com The Blemish

    Quick. Alert the sarcasm patrol. We’re losing her!

  • Emma

    Hahah oh dear god. That was hilarious.

  • Baddie

    Nice one for my laughs

  • Trini

    This is not the video from Trinidad.

    The disgusting clip was recently uploaded on http://www.youtube.com , search for
    ” Akon Trinidad “.

  • http://theblemish.com The Blemish
  • http://youtube jerry

    this is type of behaviour is not acceptible in our country (on stage for public) the girl had the right to report it to the authourities shame an disgusting form our foreign asses oops artiass haha

  • Barney P.

    Even if she liked it, it’s a total mistake on his part to do that. There are tons of things that kids like to do, but it doesn’t mean you let it happen. That was rather violent. He obviously has little respect for women.

  • shakira


  • RT

    she is actually 14 and is the daughter of a pastor

  • Brian

    This what we term here as statuatory rape. Akon should be sent back on a plane, or arrested and charged !!

  • pootangbot

    i think its nasty and should not even be allowed and where the fuck are her parents to evn let here come to such an event lookin like that….ive heard time and time again her potential ages, but none of them are 18 or over meaning she shouldnt have been there in the first place…so therefore it is a problem with security and morals in that part of the world…..anywho dotn place all the blame on him…..apparently she has little respect for herself to even participate in the movements and actions as a female….even as a grown women that is just sleezy to act like that in public…

  • TB

    Only One thing I have to ask what a pastor daughter doing in a club and she is only 14 years old I am not blasphming the pastor or his daughter but he supposed to know were his daughter is going and who is her friends she supposed to have some values of where she go and who she hang out with, I am 26 years of age I went to a club once and I did not like it I am married know and i don’t miss anything, I got baptiize at the age of 11 1/2 AND the peer pressure made me do alot of wrong in my life even the way you dresses people would not have respect for you, so what I am trying to tell you life up your head and the only person to Judge you is JESUS CHRIST, many people does worst than that and the camera don’t pick up on it but you was the in the wrong place in the wrong time, wipe the shame out of your mind and life and go ahead living sister. AKON for a big superstar has no RESPECT at all.

  • cat eyez

    obviously akon is ah rell hott man..seems like he kya control da cock ah his..all d boold fr he brain duz rush to he cock, leavin him mindless..

  • Jesba

    Ahhahahah that is hilarious, and scary. Akon has how many wives again? Maybe he should actually concentrate on finding a decent one that pleases him instead of growing the amount of girls in his harlem, if he’s left with so much pressure on his dingalings that he has to simulate humping preteens on stage! Locked up for real soon, yo.

  • seon

    All props to akon. He did nothing wrong. That dancing is done all the time all over trinidad and tobago, for carnival and otherwise. The pastor obviously did not do a good job within his own household.

  • Jesba

    If that is dancing then Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy must be the best dancers in the world!;)

  • Deniece

    i am from trinidad. that girl is FOURTEEN (14) only fourteen an d way she was dressed was very misleading. how was akon supposed to know she was only fourteen. and for a pastor her father is very irresponsible cuz i do not understand how he cud not know that his daughter has a tattoo an y was she out till after 1 in d mornin. she is no sorry because after she sed it was d best concert ever. i hav friends hu were there hu saw her the entire nite actin likje a little ho in her hooker shoes and bikini. she is not sory for her actions. she is sory because she got caught. AKON treated her a bit like a rag doll but she was liking it and had no self respect so y wud he hav respect for her?

  • quita

    I for one am sick and tired of people always trying to point the blame. Yes Akon was wrong. Doesn’t matter who it was that shouldn’t have been part of the show. But we as Americans and everyone else have made it that sex sells. Akon was only giving the people what they wanted. If we want to act like we are so appalled by his actions then we need to stop letting ourselve be entertained by it. It’s time for a change. As far as that lil girl, if she didn’t want to be in that situation she wouldn’t have been. All them people in that club, if Akon was doing something she didn’t like I’m pretty sure somebody would have done something. She is not a victim she is a BAR HO. That’s the kind of bitch Don Imus should be calling a ho. And at 14 she knows better. If she didn’t she wouldn’t dress like that and she damn sure wouldn’t have been riding his ass like that. But she knew what she was doing with her lack of an outfit (her shirt), her slut stamp, and her belly ring. My guess is Akon isn’t the only person that has thrown her lil ass every which way.

  • erica

    hot……….sexy………. i love u akon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NICK


  • Shotta

    That girl IS 14….no joke. TRUST ME!! I have seen her and she doesn’t look like like 14 but she is. My question IS……WHERE ARE HER PARENTS???!! People want to blame AKON, but he jus gave the crowd what they wanted. Everyone was laughing and smiling and cheering him on. People say she was taken advantage of but she was loving every second of it….smiling and straddling ‘AFRICA’. She went up on stage to ‘ do her thing ‘ and now people are saying he took advantage of her. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THE PARENTS SHOULD BE ACCOUNTABLE BECAUSE AT 2 IN THE MORNING YOU SHOULD KNOW WHERE YOUR 14 YEAR OLD IS, AND THAT PLACE IS NOT IN A CLUB THAT IS 21 YEARS AND OVER. Or i forget to mention she IS a regular at ZEN.

  • http://www.lunarstorm.se Maria


  • Billy

    So Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, can we get you opinion on this matter? – Or is it OK since it was a Black on Black situation.
    Let us hear your opinions and speak out to the major news organizations and get some media coverage on this situation. Why not hold some rallies and protests before his next appearances?
    Sharpton stated last week about the Imus situation, “we cannot afford a precedent established that the airways can commercialize and mainstream sexism and racism.”
    Let’s hear you speak out about this situation with Akon and his disrespect for women.
    Jackson stated about the Imus situation, “No one should use the public airwaves to transmit racial or sexual degradation.”
    Let’s hear you speak out as well about how this was an act of degradation towards women.
    Thank goodness it wasn’t Eminem or Justin Timberlake dry humping on stage with this underage teen, or there would be such uproar of controversy again from the Black community over this.

  • http://Google Karen

    You girls are so sick and desperate.You have no shame whatsoever.Especially the pastor daughter.Damn girl yuh nasty for a 14 year old.Humping a big man.As for your parents I feel sorry for them.They shall walk the busy streets of Trinidad with a paper bag on their heads.God help you child.As for AKON you are a asick freak.

  • joanne

    That was not dancing people do not dance on their backs, and you do not drag someone all over on the floor on their back when you are dancing

  • derby

    I wish everyone would stop making assumptions about her parents. Who says her parents allowed her to go to the club? Who says her parents were not looking for her? Who says her parents let her dress like that? A lot of people are assuming that her parents don’t give a damn. Face it, she snuck into the club. Kids do stupid things no matter who their parents are. I had very strict parents: no makeup in high school, no dating, curfews etc. And guess what? I smoked up, did drugs AND went to a bar regularly when I was 17. But I didn’t get caught because I was damn careful. I didn’t break curfew and I made damn sure that I didnt get into any trouble. I’m sure my parents were suspect that I was up to no good but they had no proof because I didnt get caught so I guess in a sense my parents did manage to control me somewhat. What I am saying is lets not make assumptions about the parents letting her go to the club, the parents not giving a damn and the parents not knowing what the kid is doing. Some kids are uncontrollable, and I think this is the case with Danah. This kid is nuts and God only knows where she will end up if she doesn’t snap out of this FAST.

  • Kymberli

    I am from Trinidad where this all took place down here at club Zen and i have to say that i am shocked by Akon’s behaiviour and because of what happened things are changing here.What Danah did was wrong but Akon was also very wrong.Akon said it was a dance competition and the winner would win an all expensed paid trip to Africa…..who wouldn’t want that.He lied about it,i guess he just wanted some girls to wine up on.Danah apoligized on national television on the news,although some ppl say she didn’t mean it and i kno dat her parents were shocked by the whole thing…..knowing that her father iz a pastor,i wouldn’t of expected that from her.She told her dad she was going out for ice-cream which obviously was a lie.Both she and Akon deserve the same amount of blame for their actions but all i have to say now iz dat i tink differently of him.AND PPL STOP MAKING FAKE PROFILES OF DANAH ON HI5….don’t u tink she endured enough shame

  • Willy Sorzano

    In Trinidad there are many rumours that the young lady, Danah, is only 14 years of age which, putting aside her obvious precosity, makes for a pretty big scandal.
    In my opinion the authorities in this island/nation should come down hard on the organizers of the concert and on the night club, Zen, where it took place, as this girl obviously had no place being allowed in. This rapper from Senegal should be banned from performing there for a period of time due to his vulgar performance and for the misrepresentation which lured the chicks onto the stage in the first place. A pretty good rap on the knuckles is due the pastor for not practicing what he preaches, if he can’t keep his 14-year-old in tow what hope is there for his congregation. As to the girl I do believe that no value judgements should be made, let daddy take care of that and heck, she’s had enough national shame cast down on her still immature being as it is.

  • Trini_girl

    I am from Trinidad as well, and I would like to reply to Kymberli. She said that ” Akon said it was a dance competition and the winner would win an all expensed paid trip to Africa…..who wouldn’t want that”

    This is non-sense. In other words what she is saying is :
    If someone acts like a Whore to go to Africa, its Much different from plain old whore-ish behaviour!

    Kymberli, whether a trip to africa was used to lure Dana, the girl had NO self respect, and she showed what she truly is about!
    I saw her hi5 pics ( from the profile she now deleted) and the girl is stink.

  • Jessica

    I am from Trinidad and Zen is a night club for adults. Danah dressed lik and adult n went up in Zen for the concert. Security obviously cannot check everyones identification. She went on up stage and was dutty wining n hot wukking, where was she self respect, she was getting on like a hoe, she got treated like one. She acted lik and adult by lieing to her parents n putting on dat outfit, she was probably drinking all kinda of thing and we all kno she not no strange to the party scene, gal farm all kinda thing, Akon shouldn’t of acted so but her parents were quite careless and so was she and Zen. Daddy to busy seeing bout the church congregation to see bout his own child!

  • angel

    this is just plain nonsense and and especially she is the pastors daughter

  • http://has fatuma

    akon out of his mind a 14 year old girl crazy nigga

  • http://has raven


  • http://neant moussa

    i thing that it s a bad dance as akon do at zen . in my opinion akon will be punish for those act because it s very dirty

  • Jroc

    You people are seriously missing certain points. This whole event could have been prevented by
    1. Not allowing your underage daughter to dress as she does.
    2. Not allow your underage daughter to out at late hours.
    3. Not allowing underage CHILDREN into ADULT EVENTS (this club is a 18 and over club)!
    4. If you do searches online, you will see that this young girl has been dressing the way she does since she was at least 12…and has a tattoo at the age of 15.

    What people don’t understand is that this young girl walked into an adult show and decided that she wanted to represent herself as an adult. Akon and his staff don’t regulate who comes through the door and comes to the event that people are spending there money to see. It is no secret that Akon has a part of his show where he is wining and grinding a female, it’s all over youtube with celebrities and others having fun (Tara Reid). It is also no secret that growing up in on a small caribbean island, that at a young age you will make friends with certain people who are going to do you favors by letting you into overage clubs as long as you don’t get into trouble. I grew up in Hawaii and I could get into certain clubs at a young age and drink, and that’s a state…imagine a Caribbean Island.

    Do your research and see that this young girl has been acting out at a young age, and lets not judge Akon, but the parents of this girl for her actions. She may be a child and I agree that it shouldn’t have happened to her, but Akon was not performing at a all ages club or event. This was for adults.


  • Mother

    I watched this video, could not believe this girl was 14 or 15. Where were her parents? I know that if you instill some morals in a child, this kind of behavior would have never happened. She for one would not have been in there. Obviously, she tells her parents lies all of the time, and I bet this is not the first time she has been dancing that way, she just got caught. Don’t blame Akon, she should not have been in there in the first place. I have watched at the “Carnival Festival” and I have seen how these young girls, I mean younger than 14 grin and shake themselves. It is awful. Yes, they do this in the states as well so that is way parents need to get a very good handle on these girls before society turn them into “Hoe’s”, which I can see this happening real fast. These kids think that this kind of dance is cool, but honestly, they should actually see themselves and really think hard at what they really look like.

    Pastor & her mom need to really get a handle on this child before it is too late,which I hope it isn’t already.

  • Cynthia

    I think this is all crazy. Akon was not thinking when he was “performing”. Even though it made be true that Akon and security can not check all the i.d’s even if there is an age limit all the more reason why he should had been extra cautions. Akon knew what he was doing, you can’t try to judge somebody’s age by the way they are dressed. He has hurt a lot of his sponsors not only for himself but also for Gwen’s sweet escape tour. It has been rumored to cost Gwen over $1 million dollars. I just think that what he has done was foolish and immature. I believe that this will be a big head line in the media for awhile.

  • ….

    thass jss disgustin seriously i meen there are limits no matta wat her age is

  • http://firespice.com spice

    i am a parent and i am taken back by some of the comments. there is convention on the rights of a child but there is not such on the rights of a parent. from experience i can say it may not be that the parents knew anything, but the parents always take the blame and in most cases accept it. take note: school girls leave home dressed for school but never enters the school, return home dressed in uniform but were at the beach with friends. thats young people these days. i guess she may be askin herself ‘what have i done’ but its already too late. who knows, before going to that club’ she may even have been to choir practice, and dad said.’ i am so proud of u’. WHAT A SHAME DANAH!!!!!!

  • geenap

    So very not necessary. Where is the behavior police when you need them. And, if she is the daughter of a pastor, why the heck did she get up on stage! Both should be whipped behind closed doors!

  • anonymous

    The way Akon acted was very immature and was really disgusting…he has hurt a lot of people, his fans, sponsors and especially Gwen…WTF was he thinkin’! SO STUPID!

  • justin timberlake

    this is very disgusting, you should never simulate intercourse or anything sexual during a concert

    try watching my (justin timberlake)’s concerts, they are much more homely

    the girl was obviously forced into doing this too… she seems like an honest girl, who would never do such a thing

    why can she not go to a club that requires you to be 18 if shes 15? thats not fair, its racist

  • bob

    akon rules

    im glad you guys are offended

  • shala

    what is she doin in this club anywayz?????wasn’t she suppose to be in bed for church the next morning.all yuh could hull all yuh mudda cunt becuz d damn gal to freakin slack…….if she wanted akon to stop she would have said stop………dont blame the man for having fun……..when he was wukkin up d white women at another concert he held all yuh jackass aint say nuttin…..now all of a sudden its big comess………..well she want to be grown she deserve what d hell she get that will teach her ass to stay out of big people party

  • leya

    I think they were both wrong: the girl for letting him do it and him for doing it. I dont think age really matters at all…it was disrespectful to not only the two of them but to everyone there as well as everyone else that was effected indirectly. If he wanted to make her feel special a hug or short dance would have worked just as well

  • Anika

    She wanted to go up on stage. In the interview she was laughing, if I sneek into a party I would dance in a corner and remain very annomyasas a pastors daughter. The mere fact that she got up on stage means that she KNEW EXACTLY what she was doing.
    She lied to her parents, got her friend to buy a ticket, changed in a car, sneaked into the club, got up on stage with the artist. But because she is the daughter of a Pastor, they want to fling accusations all over the place without counselling this CHILD, this LITTLE GIRL or should I say DADDYS LITTLE GIRL. She did this for some sort of recongisation Ihope her parents are taking note. FIX YUH HOUSE FIRST. Does this “CHILD, this LITTLE GIRL, this INNOCENT” as described by her parents recongise how much she cost to so many people. SHAME SHAM SHAME on you DANA SHAME. YOU DISSAPOINTED YOUR COUNTRY AND YOUR CHURCH