David Beckham has fake nudes | The Blemish

David Beckham has fake nudes

By on April 18, 2007

David Beckham nude

This one’s for all the ladies and some men out there. A supposed nude photo of David Beckham has been floating around the internet the past couple of days. A lot of people want to believe this is real. And it very well could be if David Beckham is half black. If he isn’t, then he should really get those legs checked out for gangrene. I shouldn’t have to warn you the below picture is NSFW.

David Beckham

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  • hola

    i liked daniel radcliffe’s fake nudies better. his looks like a droopy sausage

  • Nicolina

    Man, that’s one shitty ‘shop.

  • Bush

    Any intelligent person can say that its fake

  • coolbreeze

    i would like david to fuck me