Paris Hilton is all class in GQ | The Blemish

Paris Hilton is all class in GQ

By on August 28, 2007

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton did a photo shoot for GQ and uncharacteristically flashed a nipple in one of the shots. I would have never thought this would happen in a million years. Paris Hilton exposing herself? If you told me last week this was going to happen, I would have knocked you unconscious and sent you to an institution because that’s craaaazy talk. But, here she is, showing her right nipple. Who would have thunk it?

Paris Hilton in GQParis Hilton in GQParis Hilton in GQParis Hilton in GQParis Hilton in GQParis Hilton in GQParis Hilton in GQ

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  • Cher

    I know this is one issue my boyfriend will not be buying… I wonder how much sales this one will get, I mean after all are we the only ones tired of Ms. Hilton?

  • Bruhmann

    Yawn…big deal. This is a chick who frequently goes out in public wearing short skirts and no draws…remember? Not to mention that nasty sex tape. There is nothing left to the imagination with this skank.

  • pman

    what nipples? this site’s a joke…i am 34 yrs old and I can’t see a freakin nipple? get outta here

  • Naw Son

    She makes me wanna doo-doo…don’t know why

  • Victor

    Picture 2, behind the bear. Put on your glasses first.

  • Herman B

    she’s a sexy little whore

  • aaron

    looks like she made a diaper out of big bird