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Guy Ritchie enjoys the Purple Penetrator

By on September 11, 2007

Guy Ritchie loves anal

doesn’t want you to forget about her. She also doesn’t want husband to grow testicles. That’s why she walked out of London’s Claridge’s Hotel carrying a strap-on in a see-through bag for anyone to see. The “toy” is called a Purple Penetrator and I assume its purpose is to penetrate any orifice no matter how loose or tight.

It must suck to be Guy Ritchie. Now the whole world knows he likes to have things shoved up his ass. Whenever he walks down the street now, he’ll have to deal with random kids trying to force traffic cones into his anus. How very inconvenient. Guy should totally hook up with Chris Crocker.

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  • Clay Rhoads

    Lock, Stock and One Sore Asshole

  • Victor

    Clay Rhoads, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • Meme

    Either that or he is not enough for Madonna. Poor thing.

  • Clay Rhoads


    Thanks, I love this site.

  • kim at allconsuming

    He sure looks worn out.

    But I’m not sure what is more disconcerting. That Madonna is actually (still) living out her book Sex or that she has man hands.

  • i am not obsessed

    MAdonan is using this on some chick

  • r.a.zimmmerman

    Look at his shoes! What do you think??

  • S.Tyler

    Well, Mr. Ritchie is Maddona´s husband. We must asume that he loves her music, but no, no, no, he likes Aerosmith´s music, his favorite song is “Dude looks like a Lady”

  • “L”

    Well madonnas hands ARE manly, so is she
    soo… he likes trannies & illegal adoptions