HDTV will be the death of Sarah Jessica Parker | The Blemish

HDTV will be the death of Sarah Jessica Parker

By on September 25, 2007

Sarah Jessica Parker

These photos are of Sarah Jessica Parker filming scenes for the upcoming Sex and the City movie. I remember way back when, HBO actually released a few Sex and the City episodes in hi-def. God, was that a mistake. I’m pretty sure that set HDTV back a few years. The picture above will give you a pretty good reason why HBO nixed the HDTV idea. In fact, I firmly believe that this whole series would have ended in 6 episodes had Sarah Jessica Parker’s character been attractive or at least dated in her own species.

SATC filmingSATC filmingSATC filmingSATC filmingSATC filming

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  • Nicolina

    Harsh! I love SJP! She loves it when I give her sugarcubes!

  • http://theblemish.com Victor

    She also loves to run around in the meadow.

  • lenny

    It wouldn’t be bad having sex with her provided you could stuff her face into the pillow. Not let her jab you in the eye w/ that tocan sam snout. Or worse yet rub that hairy mole on your chest.
    Or even worse yet, feel that hairy mole brush your lips.