Lance Bass and 50 Cent feud gaily | The Blemish

Lance Bass and 50 Cent feud gaily

By on October 25, 2007

Lance Bass 50 Cent

and are embroiled in a bitter war over the predicted success of their respective books. is releasing “50 x 50″ while is releasing “Out of Sync”, both of which are being released on the same day. The two even held competing release parties on the same day. Lance said,

“50′s going down, that’s all I have to say.”

Lance cites his relationship with men and space training as a couple reasons his book will outdo 50′s. Meanwhile, 50 Cent just realized what Lance meant by him going down. 50 responded, “Ew, icky icky,” while he flailed his arms in the air like a little girl who just saw a spider.

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