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Heath Ledger isn’t too picky

By on December 4, 2007

Lindsay Lohan

Following her split with Riley Giles, reports indicate has been hooking up with . The two are supposedly in a purely physical relationship and hooked up a bunch of times at New York’s Beatrice Inn over Thanksgiving weekend.

A source told Australia’s New Weekly magazine: “Lindsay and Heath hit it off straight away. When she left the club she started texting him straight away and they hooked up a few times while she was still in New York. They were meeting late at night for sex. It was purely physical.”

What a temptress that Lindsay Lohan is. I’m guessing she sent out a mass text to everyone in her phone book and Heath Ledger called back because he’s been on some sort of sex kick after splitting with Michelle Williams. Even I got the text message. It read, “Please stop texting me. I will call the cops,” which I think is code for, “Wanna hook up for hot monkey sex tonight? You can touch my boobs. ;)”

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  • r.a.zimmmerman

    They’re both gross. They suit each other nicely.