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This isn’t an Adriana Lima sex tape

By on January 7, 2008

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is a self-proclaimed virgin and one of the less attractive Victoria’s Secret models. So, it would make sense that she has a sex tape, right? Well, today or whenever, a few websites are reporting this (NSFW via Celebitchy) to be a just discovered Adriana Lima sex tape. It’s not. As any bored male with a high-speed connection will tell you (ie. my friend, yea, let’s go with that for now), this clip has been floating around the internet for what seems like the better part of five years. Plus, Adriana Lima doesn’t scream like that during sex. She does more of a moan thing.

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  • Dave

    One of the less attractive Victoria’s Secret models?

    I would have to disagree!

  • mycam

    Damn she’s hot, i like to see the tape.

  • whatyaeat

    Yeh I’m gonna have to side with dave on that one. She more like one of the MOST attractive!

  • cory

    um the MOST ATTRACTIVE thank you, lol
    in the tape the girl also doesnt have colored eyes and her eye brows are different

    and she doesnt moan scream or wimper bc she is a virgin!!!! jerk :-p

  • You

    IDK how anyone could think that video is of Adriana Lima!! That doesn’t look at all like her! :P

  • aj

    and who do you say is the most attractive? NOT drowned-rat face man body assless ambrosio!

  • james

    Adriana Lima, is to being beautiful… Let me think hear a second. Ah, is like Pablo Picasso and art. Or maybe like Einstein and intelligence. Jordan and basketball. Or, Bill Gates and money. You get it, right? Who-the-hell-ever, it was saying Adriana Lima was one of the least attractive VS models must be on crack and blind! Thank God we don’t have to worry about you ever becoming a model scout!!!

  • Me

    Adriana Lima is the hottest model on earth imo…

  • John

    you know nothing.. she is hot.