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Her name is Nahla Ariela Aubry

By on March 19, 2008

Halle Berry

You guys have probably been curious as to what Halle Berry named her daughter. Well wonder no more as all will be revealed. Er, I think I gave it away in the title, but if you’re a little thick, her name is Nahla Ariela Aubry.

Nahla means honeybee in Arabic, says Michael D. Cooperson, associate professor of Arabic at UCLA. The girl’s middle name Ariela comes from Hebrew and means “lion for God”.

Combining her first and middle name makes her a honeybee for God. Amazing, isn’t it. I hope one day I may have a child to give a retarded name to. I want mine to be in pig Latin. That way when parents ask me their name, I can proudly tell them and they’ll ask me what language is that and I’ll look them up and down, turn my nose up and leave. “Peon,” I’d scoff as I carried my child away.

Halle Berry names newborn daughter Nahla Ariela [Daily Mail]

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  • Nat the cat

    Like Simba and Nahla??

  • Rhonda

    Halle’s daughter could have had a worse name. At least Nicole, Christina, and J. Lo gave their children normal names.

  • Birch Barlow

    Now, this is just dumb. Why does a kid’s name have to have this litany of meanings? Wouldn’t it be pretty meaningful to a kid if you didn’t her aureole, or whatever? I think it would mean a lot. Incidentally, my middle name means ‘honeybee’ in ancient Greek. Luckily, that only translates to ‘Melissa’, and not schoolyard beatdown bait. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll be good-looking.

  • http://bellah-halle.livejournal.com/ Herman B

    well, i think its a very lovely hebrew name.

  • http://bellah-halle.livejournal.com/ Herman B

    by the way. ya know. the professor thing is kinda creepy. why on earth would anybody hire a professor to explain her name. why not . . . ask halle.

  • taffy

    is it just me or does anyone else think halle’s been watching too many disney movies, nahla ariela? as in nala and ariel?

  • Sweet Lady

    I LOVE Halle Berry but I thought that she would have done way better than this. Nahla and Ariela are pretty names but not together. Disney did come to mind.

  • Nisreen

    Nahla is a popular Arabic name. and I think it’s a pretty name.

    Americans are so ethnocentric!…Just because she didn’t name her baby an “American” name you can’t say it is not a “normal” name. what is normal? what makes a name normal? If it’s a common American not or not? How can you be so shallow??? If you go to the Middle East you will find that the name Nahla is very common just like the name “Nicole” in the US. Please stop being so shallow and closed minded….also stop living in your own bubbles…and get educated first before you start talking about something you don’t know anything about.

  • lisa

    Why is it that because someone is a celebrity, everything they do has to be judged by the public? Why can’t people just accept the simpler things and leave them alone. Halle and Gabriel named THEIR baby. They’re going to raise Nahla and love her as THEIR child. Get real people. How would you feel if someone trashed your name or your child’s name? There are more important issues in life and I wish some of you would get a life of your own!

    Halle and Gabriel, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby. Be sure to keep her away from these creeps, at all cost!!

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