I don't think she's pregnant | The Blemish

I don’t think she’s pregnant

By on March 4, 2008

Kate Hudson

There were persistent rumors that Kate Hudson was pregnant again. These pictures taken of her in Miami prove otherwise. Unless pregnancy gives you a nice ass. Which I have my doubts about. Then again, I have been wrong before. Like, one time I told this girl Cookies & Cream ice cream would give her the figure she’d always dreamed of. Turns out it didn’t. It just made her fat and lazy. Whoops. Sorry Britney.

Kate Hudson bikiniKate Hudson bikiniKate Hudson bikiniKate Hudson bikiniKate Hudson bikini

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  • capt. cornhole

    well after having knocked one out looking at those round ass cheeks…thinking she has a double balloon knot in her cornhole which needs a bit of attention.

    Then I noticed that mug of hers…she’s damn close to being a butther face.

  • http://theblemish.com Victor

    She’s gonna look exactly like her mother.

  • mark

    How can someone “knock one out” to that bony, flat ass?

  • capt. cornhole

    Do you want the particulars?
    Okay sure:

    I’m at the office, but there was no one lurking about, so on this occasion I did it right here. Often, and on this occasion, I take a pair of vice grips and adjust them “just right” and snap them around my cock (making sure not to pinch my cock skin). Sort of an improptu cock ring if you can picture that. Next I take a length of cord and tie one end around my nuts, I pull the other end through my legs and it tie that to the desk.
    I step forward pulling the cord (and my nuts) taut and backwards between my legs. At this point my cock is getting pretty fucking hard.
    At that point I started to look at Kate Hudson’s ass, wondering about the shape of her tight little cornhole (there are many many shapes of cornhole as your know). Also, wonder if she would moan or squeek if my cock slid into her turd cutter.
    At that point I stroke away, thinking about that, and making sure no one walks in the office.
    Just as I’m about to cum I un-snap the vice grips and cum into my hand. Most times, I throw the cum at the computer screen as sorta a coup-de grace grudge fuck thing.
    Gents, if you’ve read this far, you are fucking faggots (which is cool). Ladies…if you find your panties are wet and your cornhole is itchy after this little dialog, and would like to hear more, leave your email address, but only if you are willing to send along a fresh picture of your turd squirter. Oh and gents if you feel the need to send me a picture of your hot grundle and cornhole…I’ll understand, I’ll jerk off looking at your asshole and throw my cum at the screen just the same.

  • capt. cornhole

    Goldie was cute when she was younger. She’s (KH) has always seemed plain.
    She doesn’t have Goldie’s huge smile (that could wrap around your cock and leave your legs shaking).

  • http://bellah-halle.livejournal.com/ Herman B

    just one look and i could tell she’s a star. look at the way her tight little buttock are chewing on that bikini like it were bubblegum. man . . . she’s got some serious talent.

  • Hmm

    She may have the ass, but her chest is so flat, so I doubt she’s pregnant. Since, I believe breast size grow at least a cup during pregnancy.

    Oh, and I have a nicer ass and tits than she does without getting pregnant. Not to mention she’s ugly without her usual 5 layer of make up.

  • http://Hello Jack Frank

    I want to see you!