Jennifer Aniston loves butt floss | The Blemish

Jennifer Aniston loves butt floss

By on March 17, 2008

Jennifer Aniston

Apparently still in Florida, unemployed, Jennifer Aniston hit the beach in what can be called “the weirdest bikini ever.” The top seems to be falling off and the bottom is riding up her ass; making it a great day for perverts, a sad day for bikini bottom admirers.


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  • capt Cornhole


    Firstly she has lame tits, you could drive a semi between them. No wonder Brad Pitt dumped her ass.

    Secondly, I would eat her skinny ass from the end of on period to the beginning of the next…just to make hamburger out of her tight taint.

    You know she doesn’t suck cock, the cornhole is out of the question….and the cooter is for Sunday mornings….is she’s in the mood….FRIDGED CUNT…

  • You’re an ass

    You are an absolute ass.
    She is AMAZING looking, and NOT unemployed, you douche-bag! She’s shooting a movie with OWEN WILSON.
    and anyone would kill for an ass like that, you should look into a new day-job you talentless hack.

  • http://deleted benji

    those titties are angry at each other, if not then those titties are crossed eyes.

    damn she is butt ugly. no wonder brad dumped her sorry ass for a better woman.

  • karen

    um when we want to avoid tan lines on top we remove the straps and tuck them in. and a thong, well – it shows a great ass, which she CLEARLY has. she looks HOT and ya know it – c’mon.

  • karen

    clearly from a DUDE all chicks’ boobs look this way if they remove the STRAPS that SUPPORT – makes me know you guys are lone-freakin’-LEE cuz you don’t know jack about a woman’s body

  • warbringer333

    owen “suicidal tendences” willson

  • Fave

    Who is that guy with her? His eyes are glued to her chest. I guess he’s trying to figure out where her boobs are. As for butt floss, not the most comfortable of fashions but she’s pretty well guaranteed to get her pic taken if she wears an outfit like that and that’s what she wants. She thinks Brad will see it and long for the “good old days”. Yeck

  • kris

    Thats what woman do when they tan, most woman know this. The top is a regular string bikini bathing suit top its just off her shoulders and tucked in to prevent tan lines and it looks to me like the bottom is not meant to be a g-string but a regular suit “tucked” into areas to prevent tan lines as well. This is not meant to be an attractive look, you do what you have to do to get a great tan, if she didnt everyone would be on her about not having one. You cant please everyone now can you. Anything to get a celebrity in the news, pretty lame if you ask me.

  • thizzle

    damn its like a moron gathering on this website. people saying she is ugly which she isn’t and one guy saying brother kissing freak angelina jolie is better. man what is that guy smoking. angelina looks like a heroine addict and jennifer looks fucking hot

  • Fave

    First off, it’s frigid on fridged as refridged, okay perv? Second, she while she may be employed right now every movie she’s ever been in has sucked and now she’s going to ruin a movie Owen Wilson is in because she sucks. She should take acting lessons or something.

  • mooj

    God help me! I want to lick her ass slit and suck her nipples.