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Katie Price models lingerie

By on March 5, 2008

Katie Price

Katie “Jordan” Price modeled her new lingerie line the other day with the help of six girls from her fan club. As you can clearly see, the lingerie will cater to all shapes and sizes.

I’d like to play a game. After looking at these pictures, who do you think feels the most uncomfortable? Is it A) Jordan B) Her fan club or C) Me. If you chose C, you’d be correct.

Fun, maybe not true, fact: Everyone in this picture is sucking in their stomach. Even the girl on the far right.

Katie Price lingerieKatie Price lingerieKatie Price lingerieKatie Price lingerieKatie Price lingerieKatie Price lingerieKatie Price lingerieKatie Price lingerieKatie Price lingerieKatie Price lingerie

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  • Heather

    Is it bad that I suddenly feel 100x better about myself? lol.

  • capt. cornhole

    Looks like an opportunity for a Cornhole Conga Line!

    A couple of them gals (2nd from right) have bigger tits than Jordan. Real ones at that.

  • KG

    Jordon looks like an orange dumbass.

  • Marie

    Finally a little bit of variety! There seems to be one category missing though. What happened to the non anorexic simply well porportinate big boned girl? theres only skinny or chubby up there.

  • James

    It’s cool that there are women of different sizes to advertise the lingerie. But I think the girl all the way to the right is too big. It’s excusing and encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle. the other “chubby girls” are good enough to prove a point that you don’t have to be a stick figure to wear lingerie.

  • Ms. Lady Landshark

    Why is it that there is some ignorant S.O.B out there always have to down someone that is different. I give the P.H.A.T (pretty hot and thicke) girl credit for doing what she did.Why knock her down with some lame ass comment like that? Every big girl does not have a health issue, in fact I’m a big girl and my stats are perfect, I don’t have high blood pressure. I don’t have diabetes. My doctor even told me he wish he had stats like mines. So to confirm to James, every big girl do not have an health issue. I think you are a fataphobic. You fear what is larger than what you normally look at. I’m not mad to each their own, but don’t knock us down because we are big and have confident to do the unexpected.

  • capt cornhole

    Fat is different?
    Obese is different?
    Un-HEALTHY is different?

    Stop eating the third helping of waffles, go the hell out for a run.

    “I’m a big girl” is an excuse to not do those things.
    Your doctor MUST be a huge fucker! 400 pounder!!!

    There is a thing called the BMI…it’s not BS.
    Do some God DAMNED research! AMA, USDA, Can your read those letter over the lard?

    ..if you want to embrace heart disease? Knock yourself out, keep eating like a dirty pig. Keep thinking your’re normal.
    It’s called justification or cognitive dissonance (look it up if you can see over you last helping of pork rinds).

    I’m tired of my health insurance going up because of fucking fat people! Try a salad instead of a plate of lard for a change!


  • Pristina

    For any of you knuckle draggers who might be able to read, check out http://www.slate.com/id/2184475/.

    Tiny brains and tiny dicks both shrink even further with exposure to women outside the comfort zone.

    Why would ANY woman – thin, medium, or big – want anything to do with illiterate, brain dead, beer puking trash?

  • Kat

    hi I think its good that there any different size girls. I’m a petite slim girl and I don’t have any problem with anyone about there weight. I do dislike girls who are tall and starve themselves just to be models. There’s a lad who does it on my course. Its disgusting!!!!

    Anyway I watched Katie and Peter last night and she said she was going to get 10 blondes. That’s a bit strange she hasn’t stuck to it. She was saying to Peter If any of them try it on I be mad or sumert she said. I think she’s a jealous person at the end of the day so then she decided to put girls any sizes on and not have
    alot of blonde skinny girls.

  • http://yahoo.com dinesh

    Finally a little bit of variety! but can show more good looking photos.
    I am very disappointed