Emma Watson isn't shy | The Blemish

Emma Watson isn’t shy

By on April 21, 2008

Emma Watson

A few hours into her 18th birthday, Emma Watson proceeded to get drunk and ultimately, flash her cooch. Uh, happy birthday. To me?


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  • capt. cornhole

    Now she’s legal, she needs to be shown how (and why) of keeping the kitty clean.

    Here rub this magic potion (nair) on your snatch…feel the burn…and poof…nice clean kitty!

    18 or not….she still looks a bit young to be hanging her naughty bits out for the world to see.

  • Terry Yap

    cute bush there Watson *licks it*

  • Heather

    omg she shouldn’t have worn mesh panties :/

    • aardvark

      Mesh panties mandatory — forget it

      Leave them off entirely

  • http://theblemish.com Victor

    Mesh panties should be mandatory on all women over 18.

  • http://bellah-halle.livejournal.com/ Herman B

    wow. i did not expect that from the little cocksucker.

  • Eric

    you mean mandatory on all HOTT women over 18 (who shave our at least trim into a nice shape)

  • Carrington Wei

    Man, she looks like shes 14.

    Thats why I think this is so hot.

  • Kujo

    Nice scatch

  • Steve

    What the hell kind of underwear is that??

  • TheNemesis

    Way to go, ‘Pedo. Shows where your mind is at!

  • MR.MAN

    Seriously any woman that doesnt shave is a nasty woman :S

    • .

      And any man that doesnt shave is nasty too

  • c.d.w.

    how sickening can everyone possibly get over an accidental flash of privates???

  • http://theblemish.com eman


  • DennisMM

    Real women don’t shave. Real men don’t shave. Adults understand that looking like a preadolescent down there is unnatural.

  • danglybits

    Dennis, you are a tool.

  • TOM


  • Fred

    It looks more like someone stuck a camera between the seats of her car than she “hung her naughty bits out.” And of course, she was wearing a dress and underwear.

    A low life aimed a camera up her dress, and others complain that she didn’t anticipate it, and still others think she should waste time and energy trying to make things they have no business seeing look like she’s a 10 year old.

    The joys of celebrity.

  • david10006

    personally, i don’t mind a lot of hair at all,in fact it’s pretty damn sweet. Even more so on a fox like Emma!

  • H-B

    Dennis, get a brain. And good tastes.

  • H-B

    Eric is a wise person

  • ralph337

    Why should she shave her pussy? It only tickles when you bone her. So?

  • James

    Dennis, looking like a caveman down there is not attractive and has been out of style since the 60′s. No girls wants to suck on your knob if there is a jungle bush around it.

  • Rob

    Why is everyone so fascinated with this? All you can see is a bit of bush. You can’t really see the goldmine.

  • AtraHasis

    O.K., sophomores! Settle down! As an elder, I can say with immense knowledge and wisdom, that the desire for Emma to shave are from juveniles who aren’t acquainted nor comfortable with the real thing. Who wants razor-burn or prickly sensations in their pudie-area? Emma is preciously beautiful as she is! If you get a flash of her cootch, from time-to-time, just be grateful for small blessings.