Rihanna does the bikini thing | The Blemish

Rihanna does the bikini thing

By on April 28, 2008


Rihanna partook in a photo shoot for InStyle which features her in a bikini frolicking on a white sand beach. Not featured is the Cessna aircraft that tried to make an emergency landing on her forehead.


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  • http://bellah-halle.livejournal.com/ Herman B

    what can i say, delicious. i guess i’ve go to forget about her, the girl who wannabe be a superstar. and give my attention to you, cause you work it so nice and smooth.

  • Saila

    This photoshoot is pretty old…I saw it a long time ago.

  • G

    hey that’s not fair! I have a big forehead too lol

  • Nymfos

    Wow! i have been looking for Rihanna bikini shoots for a long time! and i finally found a good one here! Rihanna is so beuatifull, so perfect… just too good to be true haha. I wish i was Chris Brow, than she’d be my girl friend ^^ anyway, i love her! I love you Rihanna!

  • Michelle

    Rihanna forehead is huge i cant stand looking at it its so disturbing.its like she has her mum and dads forehead stuck together ewww.No offence rih but you have enough money to do plastic surgery on your head.by the way chris was just tryin to punch it back in place for you.
    Love you Cb and i support you.

    Love Michelle

  • http://TryMe Keeble Walker

    Rihanna: “I’ need the snow white fix, um very ustute, in that matter, yes white cake and the way it leans back, arching and art is much better shall you come in two my studio and let me art you, yes Rihanna, “I’ understand your art; white cake art,and yes Rihanna how much ove my art talent can you take why sure it will bee it will bee the suer thrust ove it