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David Cook wins American Idol

By on May 22, 2008

David Cook

Last night, to what seemed like very little fanfare, David Cook won American Idol beating out David Archuleta and those other contestants. Good news for the producers who, according to MSNBC, were hoping Cook would win because he’s more “manageable.” Allegedly, David Archuleta’s dad is another Joe Simpson (read: overbearing, horny know-it-all).

19 Entertainment produces “American Idol,” signs the winners to management contracts and handles the recording agreements made within the Sony/BMG record label.

“David Archuleta comes to the table with his own plans and agenda. His father is another shade of Joe Simpson, and it can only spell disaster,” the source said.

Congratulations David Cook. You won a tv show whose ratings have been slipping for the past few years and you did it with possibly stolen performances. Welcome to obscurity in 3… 2… 1.

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  • Centurian

    David looks like the pregnant man who was a woman.

  • mm

    omg i hate david cook he looks like 40 yrs. old and he has a really bad voice. archuleta should have won, people like him better.

  • mm

    o i think i know what ur talking about, is it that movie with robin williams or something and hes the nanny and he dresses up like a fat lady?? :P i might be wrong but whatever..

  • kayla