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You’re so clever Kim Kardashian

By on May 29, 2008

Kim Kardashian

Jennifer sent me a heads up on a post Kim Kardashian wrote on her blog in response to The Superficial’s suspicions that she’s been padding her ass.

OMG! When will people get off my a–, literally! Haha. I have said it a million times before and I’ll say it again: My booty is as real as the designer items I’m auctioning off on eBay.

The reason I bring this up is because those jokesters at the Superficial claimed that I wear foam panties. NOT TRUE! (And I don’t stuff ‘em with Charmin either).

I think my photo shoots clearly prove I don’t wear butt pads!

To all you non-believers at the Superficial, kiss my REAL and GORGEOUS a–!


P.S. I told omg! on Yahoo! to break this story on their site. Check it out here!

Hm, yes. Very interesting. But I’d like to take a moment and ask, who or what am I and the other people who received this notice supposed to be promoting? Kim Kardashian’s blog? Her eBay auction which she so slyly slips in? The Superficial? OMG! Yahoo which is promoting Kim Kardashian’s blog which is in turn promoting OMG! Yahoo through me via a link to Kim’s blog? All of the above? Possibly. To be honest. I’m stumped. And quite hungry. Maybe you can figure it out. I’ve linked all sites mentioned so you can more easily rummage through this web of deceit if you so choose and perhaps provide an adequate answer. In the mean time, I’m off to devour this sandwich. Imma commin’ for you sandwich!

P.S. Ass padder.

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  • capt. cornhole

    dude, if she would squat over my face like that naked and let me have my way with her ass. Hell, stab me in the chest right there, just watching her ass lift off my face….

    I would pull on her hemroids, suck them into my mouth….gnaw on them like a bit of beef jerky.

  • laura loo

    loose ur lunch yet vic?

  • Victor

    Not yet, it takes a lot for that to happen.

  • http://[email protected] cutie pie

    yeah right real as a 8 dollar bill. sometime your butt looks real big and other times its real flabby..

  • http://[email protected] cutie pie

    kim …. you are a liar if you say that butt on that picture is real…. it dont even look like that on that tv show….on the show your butt looks wide and like a shelf… on here it looks padded, lifted and so damn fake… no butt is that round and smooth and shaped so perfectly!! you are a liar!

  • Halle


  • capt cornhole

    Halle are you mad she’s getting balled by a black man with a huge cock, and you are stuck fucking your fat ass with a skinny carrot you bought at the local super-market.
    Don’t lose heart, you could throw your fat ass in the bath-tub along with a hair dryer.

  • Captain Corhole Suck Cock

    Cornhole, stfu, you wish that bitches azz was real. People you heard it from the horses mouth, her clothes she sell on e-bay are azz fake as those two ginormous silicone azz implants she totes around. That bitch has stretch marks on her azz that look like tape worms. She is one made up whore, now who’s mother is going to agree with that?

  • Captain Corhole Suck Cock

    also, I’ve seen tranny’s with azz implants and the shape is very similar. the azz is wide with an abnormal symmetry. the azz is fake as the cheek bones~

  • Kim Kardashian is here

    lmao her ass isn’t real…..yes she does have a naturally wide butt…….it looks disgusting…i saw real photos of her wearing this blue jump suit and her butt is disgusting it’s wide and it is flabby and flat…she did get a butt lift to make her butt more round and more plump so it will stick out like these black girls. LMAO

  • John Paul

    Shop with Kim Kardashian on ebaY *WHAT A JOKE*

    Is this serious? ebaY is promoting this like crazy on there homepage and she is only donating 10% of the proceeds. WOW 10%. As if these people don’t make enough money for doing nothing and having one of the most abnormal mothers in the world, now eBay is helping them make more money by selling there designer stuff that they probably got for free anyway. You’re better than that ebaY. Good job promoting the Billy Cosby Sweater Auctions that donate 100% of the proceeds, but not this. What a stupid world we live in……