Sarah Jessica Parker and the Cruises are so cool | The Blemish

Sarah Jessica Parker and the Cruises are so cool

By on June 2, 2008

What better way to revitalize the ailing MTV Movie Awards than with such young up and coming stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. And they even posed together! Ok, yea. Sarah Jessica Parker is in the immensely popular Sex and the City movie which makes her famous and relevant, but she sucks anyway. On a related note, don’t sneak up behind Sarah. You might scare her and then BAM! Hoof to the face.

Either Katie Holmes is a giant or Tom Cruise and Sarah Jessica Parker are hilariously short.

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  • crr

    Katie looks like Tom’s page boy.

  • saxyman1004

    SJP is going to deny Big Brown the Triple Crown this weekend. I can feel it.