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Jessica Simpson: Epic Fail

By on September 9, 2008

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Jessica Simpson went on Good Morning America this morning to perform her single With You. How did it go? It was a beautiful disaster. About 30 seconds into it, Jessica stopped the performance saying, “Hold on, I know this is live TV, but I can’t hear anything. Do it again. 1, 2, 3.” Then a minute later, she messed up again.

Okay, she jacked up her set, but none of that matters because I didn’t pay to hear Jessica sing. I paid, well, tuned in to watch her jump up and down. Bouncy bouncy. *Giggles*

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  • Ms. Dee

    I use to think she could sing… now I have some serious doubts! And what in the hell was that she had on??? Her granny’s old church robe cut into a dress??? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I know it was a free performance, but DANG!!!! HORRIBLE! I know Nick and Vanessa were somewhere laughing their arses off!!!

  • Amy Grindhouse

    Maybe she just went deaf from all her own insesent screeching?

  • laura loo

    the real question is. can explain what the fu*k that sign say at 2min 13 sec?!!!!!!!!??!

  • Victor

    I think it says “Jessica, you sound like a kitten being raped.” Although, I may have translated it wrong.

  • Cory

    All her concerts have been like this. She was tolerable on the opry in a ho dress. She isnt preggers. It was the dress. But she isnt with Romo anymore either. Its all fake for the media. Do you seriously think he would stay with that joke as the mother of his kids.

  • Zach

    Wow. Jealousy sure is ugly and contagious, isn’t it?
    Good for Jessica to keep trying in front of millions.
    Nick was not laughing,but that Filipina jealous cow vanessa probably was. Is he even still with that ugly thing? He probably left as soon as he saw her sans makeup.

  • Monabella

    It was quite evident that Jessica Simpson was very self-involved while she and Nick Lachey were filming ‘ Newlyweds. ‘ It is undeniable because there is actual footage. The Simpson’s did not embrace Nick and try to help them both move forward as a unit, like all inlaws ought to do because family is family no matter what. My parents want to see my husband and I succeed together, so they are always there for both of us. They don’t want to seperate us therefore, they are on the sidelines cheering for both of us. That is how it should be. The fact that Nick Lachey is doing the ‘ High School Musical ‘ thing and seems to keep his head straight (while other ex-boy banders are never heard from again after their group breaks up) is something that both Nick and Vanessa should be proud of. There is no reason to call her a “Filipino bitch” unless you’re a racist, small-minded, disgusting person who passes judgement on others. ZACH: I usually don’t reply to these things, but seriously, you need to check yourself.

  • blablabla

    Well, she definitly looks like either she has gained alot of weight, or she looks pregnant? I doubt it’s the dress’es fault.
    I think she is a talented singer, she just looks like she tries to hard.

  • Monabella

    Correction: ZACH did not call Vanessa a “Filipino bitch, he called her a “Filipina jealous cow–WHATEVER, a racist bastard is still a racist bastard. Anyhoo, the whole performance on GMA strikingly seemed staged. Jessica Simpson lost so much respect when she forgot the lyrics to Dolly Parton’s song at a benefit celebrating DOLLY PARTON. She ran off the stage instead of being strong and persevereing and honoring Dolly Parton. She has demonstrated that she does not have what it takes to be an entertainer from what she says in her interviews–in her preinterview, she was scared to hear what her album’s reviews were. That says enough. Okay, I get it, perhaps she grew up after all her mishaps, but I still think the “glitch” was fake to appear that she was infact singing live and knew what she was doing. It is odd that she suddenly bounced back and abruptly stopped the show until things were straight like a pro. LOL

  • ithertz

    her fans know the song better than she does

  • peoplemagazine lover

    I get the feeling that she is not very talented forthe job. I totally agree she looks fatter than ever!…