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Video of Travis and AM’s plane crash, oh my

By on September 22, 2008

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WOLO-TV put up the dash cam video from a police cruiser that responded to the scene of Travis Barker and DJ AM’s plane crash in South Carolina. You can see the fire from the wreckage and hear Travis crying for help on 911. Corners say that the two pilots died from smoke inhalation while the other two passengers died from impact related injuries. God, this must be the worst blown tire in the history of the world.

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  • ceeb

    ANDERSON BURNS?! anyone else find the irony in this?

  • pieter

    That female commentator is a real american idiot.

  • Breast

    OMG you dumb American bitch do you have any idea how bloddy anoying your voice is get off tv ur anger ppl go to iraq they will love u there! i wana throw a grenade down ur throat so u cant talk anymore jesus i cnt belive how mad i am

  • Emrie

    I’m a friend of Che Still’s… Che died on that plane. On behalf of the friends and family of all the victims of this horrible crash, I am asking you to take the video down. We are all mourning, this is the last thing any of us need to see or hear about.