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Rachelle Leah is naked in Playboy

By on October 17, 2008

Rachelle Leah

Big news if you’re a UFC fan or a fan of naked chicks in general. Ex-UFC ring girl and model Rachelle Leah finally gave in and posed for Playboy. Why has it taken this long? Well, Rachelle was unsure about it before, but she realized that she can’t stay young and tight (so tight) forever so she’d like to have a memento of her youth. That and Playboy finally broke six figures. Next up. Arianny Celeste. Get crackin’ boys. Her dignity might cost a little more. NSFW pictures after the jump.

rachelle leah playboy 01rachelle leah playboy 02rachelle leah playboy 03rachelle leah playboy 04rachelle leah playboy 05rachelle leah playboy 06rachelle leah playboy 07rachelle leah playboy 08rachelle leah playboy 10rachelle leah playboy 09

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  • JellyBelly

    nothing special, she looks like so many other chicks. i’d say she has a forgettable face.

    • The truth

      I’d say u like dick


    WOW Finally we get to see this GODDESS naked. She is definitely in my top 5 of all time! There is a God! Screw you jellybelly!

  • Benoiturself

    I’ve always wondered what her titties looked like, I like them

  • vince vaugh

    your a fag jellybelly

  • wonderer

    i am turned on for these pics, but still i don’t understand why suddently she just shows everything like that.now she is not as special, everyone in the entertainment business just show there boobs.

  • The truth