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Salma Hayek has big bountiful breasts

By on October 6, 2008

Salma Hayek

Yay for alliteration. Note that I have no idea what the German show “Wetten Daas” is or why they made Salma Hayek dress in a Bavarian Dirdnl dress. It’s just nice to see that when it comes to celebrities with huge tits, foreign countries will demand that they squeeze into the tightest, most low cut dress possible. It makes my job of being a pervert much easier.

There’s sort of a nipple slip here. Emphasis on sort of.

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  • John Mann

    Who is that old man that looks like a Sorpranos reject? Hey buddy, Michael Jackson called, he wants his glove back.

  • ali

    that’s karl lagerfeld.

  • kathrin

    “wetten dass…” is about crazy bets of normal people. the host Thomas Gottschalk invites national and international stars, make some jokes about and with them and then it comes up to a bet (shown live). when the stars lose(“I think/do not think he/she/it will make it!”) they -of course- have to do whatever they promissed before. guess selma lost and had to dress in a Dirndl because it was the last weekend of the Oktoberfest in Munich.
    d^,^b a fan from germany.sorry for my english..but probably better than your german ;)

  • Stephan Klose

    It just seems funny that “Karl Lagerfeld”, a very famous Designer stared at her cleavage the whole time she had the dress on. I just found that funny because Lagerfeld has the reputation to “Park his car on the other side of the street” if you get my drift. But it seems there are some basic instincts that no man can resist.