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Fergie ate everything

By on November 11, 2008

Nine promo

Singer and scary leprechaun Fergie gained 13 pounds for her upcoming role in Nine. A film about a guy who bangs a lot of chicks. Naturally, Fergie is one of them.

“I ate everything!” she continued. “Fish and chips. Everything fried – things I don’t normally eat.” But now, she said, “I have to give it up! So, yeah – I’m in that phase! Back to diet designs – my food delivery service!”

You know that’s a lie. Fergie eats fish fresh. She goes down to the river each morning and swats at the salmon like a bear and then when she catches one, she devours it whole. Aquatic creatures have come to know her has Godzilla. Translated it means, “Scary meth face freak who eats us alive.”

Also, I don’t know why Fergie is the only one showing her crotch in the Nine promo pic. It’s very unsettling. In fact, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to vomit now.

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  • Patsy

    Fergie is beatiful with a little weight gain or not. Besides being adorable she is also so talented, I can’t see how anyone can insult her for her looks.