Katy Perry's nipple cannot be contained | The Blemish

Katy Perry’s nipple cannot be contained

By on November 13, 2008

katy perry nipple 02

It’s a well known fact that Katy Perry has an awesome rack which sort of makes up for her shitty song. They’re 32D’s so she claims. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that when you combine her tits with a ill-fitting dress, the results are spectacular. By that I mean, Katy Perry performed at a charity concert in Canada and her nipple slipped out. Enjoy you pervs.

katy perry nipple 01katy perry nipple 02katy perry nipple 03

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  • Sean

    The boobs overcometh all!

  • mike yuen ken paahana

    i think singers know they do that so they get more attention, jus like my gf try make her boobs look way beeger by stuffing her bra but if no more stuffing everybody can tell she no more any boobs at all