Prince William's penis is showing | The Blemish

Prince William’s penis is showing

By on November 20, 2008

Prince William Stifles it

I kind of feel like that header pic too after these photos. Some ne’er-do-well or pervert — take your pick — was watching the heir to the throne Prince William take a leak in the middle of a game and decided it would be a great idea to snap pictures of his penis. Little did the photog know this makes him totally gay and, frankly, kind of weird. If you’re into royal golden showers, check the pictures after the jump. As always, NSFW and click through the thumbs for the uncensored.

prince william penis 01prince william penis 02prince william penis 03prince william penis 04

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  • Brandi

    When you gotta go, you gotta go…

  • Christin

    nice, I’d hit it.

  • Birdy

    Is he going bald already?!??

  • Victor

    That’s the curse of genetics.

  • Freeman Pete

    Must be the first Royal Willy ever shot. No pun intended with the name. The times are a changing. Go back a short time and the photographer would have been put in the Tower. However, back in those days there were no Cameras. But still. A Royal Willy. What times we are in……