Victoria's Secret girls. In bikinis! | The Blemish

Victoria’s Secret girls. In bikinis!

By on November 14, 2008

victorias secret bikini04

This was labeled as some sort of behind the scenes Victoria’s Secret bikini shoot featuring , Alessadra Ambrosio, and . But I think we all know what’s really going on here. My fantasies have finally materialized! And once again, I’m on the outside looking in. Just like in my dreams. :(

More hotness after the jump.

victorias secret bikini01victorias secret bikini02victorias secret bikini03victorias secret bikini04victorias secret bikini05victorias secret bikini06victorias secret bikini07victorias secret bikini08victorias secret bikini09victorias secret bikini10

victorias secret bikini11victorias secret bikini12victorias secret bikini13victorias secret bikini14victorias secret bikini15victorias secret bikini16victorias secret bikini17victorias secret bikini18

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  • chickmagnetstuff

    wow that place is a dream come true…

  • Rachelle Somerville

    I think the girls did an awesome job, the show was awesome!!

  • Rachelle Somerville

    The show was awesome…the designers did an incredible job

  • Keith

    Yep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..and THANKS!

  • 2DamTrill

    They are pretty but wheres all the ass???? No ASSATALL!!!!
    I’d still hit tho, lol