Billie Piper has a nipple slip, kind of | The Blemish

Billie Piper has a nipple slip, kind of

By on December 30, 2008

billie piper breastfeed 13

Good news for those of you who’ve always wanted to see Billie Piper topless but didn’t have the guts to sneak into her house and plant a hidden camera in her shower, today is your lucky day. Here’s Billie at the beach breastfeeding her son, Winston. Mmm, yea. Hot mommy nipple action. NSFW and a few more in the gallery.

billie piper breastfeed 01billie piper breastfeed 03billie piper breastfeed 04billie piper breastfeed 05billie piper breastfeed 10

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  • capt. cornhole

    Looks as though she’s got some coffee creamer leaking out in one of those pics. Yummy.

  • Brandi

    As a lactating woman myself, I have to say that some creep getting excited about seeing a nipple when a baby is getting his/her food, well that’s just retarded… But I expect that from dumb men.

    • capt. cornhole

      Well maybe it wasn’t milk. I did just get done knocking one out to the pictures, I could have made a mess of the screen.

      If you’ve got lactating pics, I can look at those too and get excited.

  • chewy

    she’s floppy

  • chewy

    and capt. cornhole is back!