Miley Cyrus has side boob | The Blemish

Miley Cyrus has side boob

By on January 30, 2009

miley cyrus boob 05

Miley Cyrus’ attempts at looking older and more mature are making me fidgety. Now I’m going to sit here all day wondering if the UPS guy knocking on my door is actually an undercover cop. And if he is, maybe I can rattle pots and pans and break dishes on the floor and scream real loud like I’m in mortal danger to scare him away.

miley cyrus boob 01miley cyrus boob 03miley cyrus boob 04miley cyrus boob 06miley cyrus boob 07

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  • capt. cornhole

    Pants are staying zipped….you won’t catch me again with those pedo pictures!!!

  • alex reager

    Dude, she’s like 9 years old…wtf

    • fredh8er

      SHe’s 16 years old not 9

      and cal me a perv but I’d ride that all night long (that’s not saying muhc tho I’d do megan fox for a month)

  • mike


  • Joseph

    Okay? She’s like 16 dude.

    • Patrckmorgan

      was it good

  • Normal

    It’s funny how these sexually up tight people mistake teens for children. I was having sex when I was 15, it’s not a big deal. Did these people not go to a public high school? Sex is normal.

  • Normal

    If you go by science and NOT the self-righteous laws, teenagers are adults. All of these conservative types that’s against teen sexuality, probably when to christian schools and were sheltered from the real world their whole life.

    • Macchef

      actually no. I guarantee if they’re uptight they went to public school and had “sex is bad” branded into their heads. It’s alright for a girl to grow into a woman. I can apprciate a cute sexy teenage girl without trying to hit on her. We have such a messed up mindset about sex on a worldwide scale.

  • LordHAHA

    You can’t appreciate a teenage girl…unless you want a one on one Chris Hansen. That’s sick in the head mate.

    Not being pedo doesn’t mean we’re uptight. We laso probably live a better life than you do considering you people treat your sexually like its nothing of worth andf throw yourselves out there, we on the other hand want a good relationship and not just a hole i nthe wall to stick our dinks in

    • Garethmorgan47

      did u ride her

    • Garethmorgan47

      will u ask her will she go with me

  • shelby

    Hannah u r pretty but u hav 2 make adults think ur cool as well cuz ever since u took pics of ur self naked adults disagree with u im not bein nasty but its true u r horrid as my frends say

  • Crazybud

    stupid whore!…miley, i can’t believe i looked up to you!! NOW THERE ARE NAKED PHOTOS OF YOU ALL OVER THE WEB!!!

    • Goodsk8er

      were? link please! lol

  • Justin

    i dont care forget all of you id do miley any day of the week shes HOTT!!!

  • Bobo

    Hey STOOPIT! (CRAZYBUD and others).

    There are NO naked pics of miley on the web. Not a single one. You’re a liar if you say you’ve seen them. They don’t exist.