After hours club: Aubrey O'Day nude in Playboy | The Blemish

After hours club: Aubrey O’Day nude in Playboy

By on February 14, 2009

aubrey oday playboy nude 08

Aubrey O’Day’s pictorial finally came out and much like the preview cover, it was disappointing. You might as well be masturbating to a pig in a dress. At least then you could get bacon out of it. Delicious bacon.

From here, but you have to sign up.

aubrey oday playboy nude 01aubrey oday playboy nude 02aubrey oday playboy nude 03aubrey oday playboy nude 04aubrey oday playboy nude 05aubrey oday playboy nude 06aubrey oday playboy nude 07aubrey oday playboy nude 08

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  • rukiasman

    you are missing some pictures especially some nice exposure of her boobs. i have a total of 13 pictures.

  • ruea

    These pics look like paintings. The airbrushed her into someone else. Did they even need her to be there? If I were her I’d be insulted.

  • criplifefosho

    Not suprising at all.
    Most caucasian ladies go thru painful teenage years with their fathers and uncles who rape them on a regular basis. This trend must stop. White caucasian ladies posing in various positions in magazines is considered normal in America. It is very shameful and alarming that this behavior continues.