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Jay-Z: “Chris Brown is a walking dead man”

By on February 12, 2009

Rihanna performs in Dublin

Or a dead man walking. Whichever you prefer. Us Weekly learned through a source that Jay-Z, Rihanna’s mentor, was not too happy when he heard what Chris Brown did to Rihanna. “He hit the roof,” the source said. “Chris is a walking dead man. He messed with the wrong crew.” Ruh roh.

TMZ adds that luckily for Chris, he will probably not be charged for making criminal threats which is more serious than the domestic battery he’ll be hit with. They also go into more detail about what happened that night.

Here’s how it went down, according to the police report. After Chris received a text message from a woman who wrote about getting together, an argument erupted. By the way, initially, Rihanna would not tell cops what started the argument.

She did, however, tell them that during the argument, he started hitting her. According to the police report, she ordered him to drive her home and “faked a call” to someone, saying things like, “He’s dropping me off. Make sure the cops are there.”

Rihanna told cops the fake call enraged Brown. He said something to the effect of “You are really fu**ed up now. I’m going to kill you.” This statement is the basis of the criminal threats charge.

At that point, according to the report, Brown allegedly began a violent attack with his fists. At some point, Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition and threw them outside.

Rihanna ended up with eyes so swollen that she couldn’t see out of them, contusions on her face, cut lip, bloody nose and bite marks on her fingers and arms.

And if you thought Chris couldn’t possibly make things any worse, think again. He’s spoken for the first time since that night. Not through his reps, but through Facebook. He updated his page with, “You’ll begin to see her true colors. Believe it!”

Oh and you ladies will be glad to know that Chris has changed his relationship status to “single.” You know, just in case there was any ambiguity at all.

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  • Chloe Angel

    Joining the debate from the UK: a REAL man must never hit a woman….PERIOD. No one has the right to make a VICTIM of another human being…Shame on you who dare to say otherwise!!! CB out and like RIRI said herself “It should definitely be over now”…I really hope that Jigga man will teach him a lesson and all the kung fu he is entitled to get from that. Good luck CB and hope you will never show your face in front of anyone and go back to the oblivion where you actually belong.

    • Jeff

      Domestic Abuse

      Because a man shouldn’t have to repeat himself

      • Calis1n_onlyking

        LOL oh man. this whole thing is too funny. I mean of course hitting a woman is wrong…But who knew Chris Brown had it in him 2 sav out lol n if hes crazy enough 2 hit a woman he best be crazy enough 2 hit jay z. Actually if your savage enough to hit a woman u better be savage enough to kill LMAO.I really hope Chris Brown n Jay get into somethin with each other

  • Michelle

    Disappointment isn’t a strong enough word for this terrible situation. People argue everyday, but most don’t end up this way. Men are naturally stronger than women although sometimes women feel they could take some men on. It doesn’t matter how nice and clean cut Chris is, a crime is a crime. When I hear men defend him beating her, it angers me. What bruised his ego? NOTHING justifies being beaten, NOTHING. He is a coward and a criminal dressed in a cute face and a clean cut looking image that was created by a record company to sell records. Grow up, Chris Brown and be a man. Admit to what you did and apologize for your beastly behavior.

  • Jazz

    Next time CB, keep yor damn hands to yorself.
    By the way, there is a name we call punks like you. BITCHES! Hey, I bet you won’t slap JayZ.
    You are done!

  • http://myspace.com/karmakanji Karma Kanji

    JIGGA, show dat punk

  • http://itcelebrity.blogspot.com mrx

    it also occurs =/

  • chewy

    we’ve already seen chris brown’s “true colors”…a subtle shade of smack to the head with a touch of uppercut.

  • http://bellah-halle.livejournal.com/ Herman Bumfudle

    wait a minute, so j-z wasn’t the one who set rihanna up with chris brown. look she got played by the playas, and now that its gone public, its all about boo hoo hoo. ain’t that somethin.

    • That Guy

      Actually, Jay Z didn’t set up Rihanna with Chris Brown. He was actually objecting to the whole relationship from the beginning. She stayed with him, and look where it got her. And, as for Chris, 1. His career is done, finished, gone, non-existent. and 2. if I see him on the street, I’ll knock him out for what he did. Point blank period. I hope Jay catches up to him, and jus don’t tell RiRi I told you so.

    • John Morgan

      Quote: “wait a minute, so j-z wasn’t the one who set rihanna up with chris brown. look she got played by the playas, and now that its gone public, its all about boo hoo hoo. ain’t that somethin.”

      …Is he serious? Are you serious? No, wait, I know the answer. You are serious… Seriously retarded. Who the fck cares who got them together? “She got played by the playas.” Shut the fck up you idiot. This isn’t about “getting played.”

      This is about a man serious beating on his woman, and threatening to kill her. Are you seriously saying you’re okay with that? That doesn’t bother you? Are you a supporter of bastards who do that shit?

      Someone ought to call the cops on you before before you start beating on and MURDER your wife. Oh, take his kids away too. God knows what he’ll do to them.


      Anyways, back to more important people. I hope Rhianna doesn’t let this asshole turn her away from a relationship, or guys all together. Not all of us are abusive jerks.

  • patrick

    thats very shady of chris brown. depending on the situation, if rihanna didnt tell chris about her having herpies, he could have sued her. Since he decided to hit her i hope he gets what he deserves.

  • http://www.google.co.uk Jigga man PIMP C

    no one knows what has actually happened, so stop assuming, jay z surely has only heard one side of the story, does anybody know that rihanna had an affair, and aborted chris browns baby?, might have been over that.


  • Jamall

    Chris Brown will beat jay-z’s ass.

    • Chris Brown is OVER


      You do not put hands on a woman like that.

      Fuck stupid idiots who defend Chris “Bitch Titties” Brown.

      Would you feel differently if he beat your mother?

      I don’t care if Rihanna gave him full blown AIDS.

      I hope Jay-Z finds Chris Brown and stomps his PUNK ASS into the dirt.

  • Realist

    This is all stupid, if the bitch hadn’t given him herpes from her whoring around this never would’ve happened. i’m not down with hitting chicks, but some of them need it to smarten their tarded asses up.
    But unless she hit him first, it wasn’t really needed.
    Just drive to a truckstop in the middle of nowhere and drop her dumbass off and wait for reports of gang rape :)

  • Realist

    “You do not put hands on a woman like that.”

    Get over yourself, bitches are people to. and sometimes people need a smack to smarten them up. don’t play this fucking sex card, its old and tired. women want to be treated equal, then man up and quit acting like little pussies.

  • how ironic

    jay-z never said those words but even if he did. how ironic. according to a def jam employee, he has put his hands on rihanna too

  • how ironic

    Stop spreading lies. the facebook page was an imposter/fake page and jay-z never said those words out of his mouth. it says the source. media outlets and blogs should be ashamed of themselves. no ethics nowadays

  • http://upskt.com Upskt Celebs

    I think it’s true about a guy not hitting a girl, but I also think that people jump on guys way too much. I’d like to hear his side as well.

  • shadybro

    Someone needs to shit down his throat, then beat his ass till hes paralyzed. FUCK THAT FAGGOT!
    And fuck you faggots who think hitting women in some cases is ok

  • TopNotch

    Rihanna aka “Prince” deserved what happened. All you people saying what CB did was wrong, wouldn’t be saying it if your girl/guy fucked around then gave you herpes. And as for jay z..you washed out “old” dogg..and if you had enough balls to do what you said, we would’ve heard it by now. So, STFU before CB put yo ass out. Keep yo head up CB, your fans still got yo back.

    • riydog

      if chris brown even has a dream of getting j, he better wake up from his wet dream and apologize, otherwise brown will be face down killed. you better wisen up yourself backing up a little biiiatch like chris

  • Ri

    Note to Jay-Z: Murder is a greater offence than assault. Don’t bother.

  • Shakes

    Yo real talks hes going to jail and if he aint jay is gunna smack him up. Another thing chris brown is cool and all his song are sick but you jus cant hit a girl even if it was her fault.

  • BOSE

    i love them both but?????????am just surprised no matter what he could have just walked away.

  • Patrice

    Im a fan of both Chris Brown and Rihanna. Im not in favor of domestic violence; however, if a woman puts her hand on a man she should expect to get the crap beat out of her. If you don’t want to get hit keep your DAMN hands to yourself point blank.

  • dvgregeg

    shup muppits !! look at all of you wastes geting ova excited !! i hope all 3 knock eachova out then its all fair ! LOSERS !

  • )Skull Bones(

    In the end all will get what they deserve
    Bari quippe boni

  • bezzo

    chris brown you a bitch, why you dont hit guys, cuz youll get your little feminen ass kicked, watch out jayz dont get that ass, your carrer is over bitch

  • criplifefosho

    I feel like a woman needs to know her place. i’m sure she was to blame, she has been parading around with few other celebrities and almost certain she was cheating. now she got a beating that was very deserving and appropriate, the injuries will heal in no time so its not that big of a deal. couples fight all the time. However i feel like jay z must calm down , he has no business getting into this drama. Jay z is just a rapper, he has never sold big time drugs, he sold drugs for a week or two and he thinks he is some big shot. If jay z comes to cali, he knows better . his only option is to keep his mouth shut.

    • Stan

      criplifefosho apparently you are brainless so let’s be clear : Any men who beats a women (even if she is the biggest bitch on earth) is a giant pussy with no balls, no courage, and no dignity.So please shut the f*ck up.

  • http://TheBlemish Princess1013

    Criplifefosho, you’re a bloody idiot, you know that? You can’t remain a crip for life or a dumbass as you’ve managed so easily to come across as!! Let’s not excuse the fact that what he needed to do was attempt to beat another man like that not and see how that would have turned out, not unleash such viciousness on someone HE DAMN WELL KNEW wouldn’t be able to give him a run for his money. Sometimes I wonder about the stupidity of folks posting.

  • rhianna is a hoe

    Ok, rihanna is the biggest slut on this planet, and an ugly one if that, her forhead is huge :)

    anyway back to the point, why is hitting women so wrong?
    you all make it out like men are ment to be the only victims. For you girs reading this, if your boyfriend gave you a STI and he didn tell you, im guessing you’d hit the roof. but let me guess he’s a guy so it doesn’t matter if you hit him? WRONG

    women want to be treated equal to men, she got treated as equal as any. she is a absulute whore and STI infested mess :)

    and for jay-z, suck my fucking balls u pussy, ur all mouth no action bitch.

    ur just saying that for attention because chris is in the limelight and your bitch ass is forgotten about


  • criplifefosho

    a beating he and there is normal for a woman, everyone makes it into a big deal. she had a few cat like scratches and the world is turning against chris brown.
    Most likely he was just defending himself. if a woman deserves a beating , by all means hit her at the appropriate places. the face cops might press charges, atleast go for the stomach or some kind of choking mechanism. However, i do feel like two parties should talk to each and make calm of the situation before any violence takes place

  • criplifefosho

    a beating here and there is normal for a woman, everyone makes it into a big deal. she had a few cat like scratches and the world is turning against chris brown.
    Most likely he was just defending himself. if a woman deserves a beating , by all means hit her at the appropriate places. the face cops might press charges, atleast go for the stomach or some kind of choking mechanism. However, i do feel like two parties should talk to each and make calm of the situation before any violence takes place



  • http://theblemish.com jaris vaughn

    All yall actin like chris is a mass fuken murderer……she just makin such a big fuken montage cuz she juss tryin to cover up for all the beatins and whorin she did before…….sheeeet gave my nigga chris breezy aids….

  • algee

    what he did was wrong,but its only a big deal cause its a woman,if he beat a man would you give a shit? or care as much as you do now? probly not. and fuck jay zee whats his black ass big fucken lips gona do,dumb cunt will end up worse then chris.and if he does do something i hope his ugly ass gets raped.

    and btw im a fan of rihanna but obviously she started the arguement if shes not gona tell the cops who started it,imean whats to hide if you didnt start it? but shit everyone shud shut the fuck up till they know what realy happend

  • algee

    the whole world turns on him when he makes a mistake,its not a little mistake and most of use probly think im an idiot for defending him,but hes still only young like me and if the whole world was to turn on me that would probly crush me since im young and dont know how to deal with this sort of situation

  • ShameOnANigga


    Chris Brown is a frustrated child who can’t deal with COMMON problems like a cheating girlfriend, or a sexually transmitted infection in a mature and accountable manner (should probably have known better not to sleep with her). He must really only think a couple of seconds into the future before he acts; A common trait of stupidity. I fear his reaction to an inevitable album with poor revenue and ratings. When people finally start realizing how lacking his ‘artistic’ abilities really are. Not that he has much of a career in music in front of him anyway. I believe he definitely over-reacted here. What a petty and disastrous gamble to take with the opportunities God gave him. Epic fail…

    Who really knows what Rhianna did to suffer this beating. I’d say it’s quite normal (not acceptable) for persons to have love affairs and/or little control over their sexual impulses. To have faults and make mistakes is to be human, all you have to do is learn and implement the lesson. No women deserves to be beaten with a man’s fist (or the equivalent) like she was. None-the-less: Her actions may have warranted punishment (perhaps a light slap to the cheek)in reaction to cheating. The same should apply to Chris if he were to be cheating. Not a kick in the balls like many probably would. Would you like a roundhouse kick to the breasts? People do need reminding however as is the case here, bashing one never solves much at all.

    It’s depressing to know how many people will pick sides in such a bias and ignorant manner. Also it is equally upsetting to see them further pollute the internet with illiteracy and flawed comments on these INSIGNIFICANT affairs of life. Your wasting your time folks! Hate to introduce you to reality but, these People.. “CB & RIRI”, essentially don’t care about you; Like 99% of humans they care about themselves and their interests. Do you think they would get involved in a PERSONAL incident of YOUR life? Like if your dad bottled your sister/mother because he was got laid off and was given over-cooked fried chicken, would Chris Brown or Rhianna try to amend the situation? or post a comment on theblemish.com about it? would THEY care if nobody else did? I’d say they wouldn’t – especially when Chris Brown is facing criminal prosecution, and Rhianna the mirror looking like a female version of Quasimodo. ?? Sorry but celebrities are particularly self-absorbed and busy with other “successful” people. You are just another asset in a giant popularity contest.

    I don’t enjoy either “artists” material. I only think you should worry about your own lives. Maybe you’ll become the center of attention like them. Nothing is achieved without belief and discipline in this world. Peace out. God be with you.

    PS: Jay-Z is whack, and retarded for saying what he did, regardless of his intentions. Killa-Bee’s & Old Dirty 4ever yo

  • DMC44

    Now comes the obvious question: Is “shameonanigga” full of shit?

  • FuckCB

    Chris Brown is a ugly, smelly and utterly disgusting person. No point sitting here arguing about him. Just because he has become wellknown he thinks he can have he’s with everything. Chris, if you read this; You are nothing but a stinky fat, rude nigger. You give all black hiphopers who grabs their balls bad reputation – specially because you don’t have any balls yourself since you beat up your gf, but also because you’r such a ignorant, not-talented and immature bastard, who’s fans is 98 % unsecure, just ass immature girl. Hope you got to serve for what you did. You disgusting whining black son of a bitch. There’s no point in being famous like you when practicllyeveryone dislikes you. Die

  • 88momoka88

    Fuck u chris brown
    k thats all i wanna say :)

  • sema shears chris wiffey

    Uum i thnk dhat chris waz js mad dhat she went through his phone and wen da fake phone call happen he waz already mad plus he thought that the police waz there i wud hav dne the same but chris i dnt really care if u hit girls r not she’s not lik me i swing bck evn harder but wat i am saying is dhat u cn hit me but im gne swing bck and dat ily no matter wat

    • u are a moron

      shut the fuck up you sad idiot

  • semajshears Chriswiffey

    Bitch here’s a suggestion how bout u go crawl in your grave and die very very slowly cuz chris brown is hiself u get mad at ppl and fight them right cuz ik i do

  • Semaj_minaj Chriswiffey

    Ur not an idiot i thnk that is exactly wats goin on

  • Semaj_minaj Chriswiffey

    Actually i dnt kno if u r still alive but frm wat happned to rhianna an chris to 2011 chris brown’s career is top notch he’s not over he’s not dne for an he’s not dead so all u hqterz can A:stop hating an get a muthafuckn life r B:keel hating and die a painfully slowly death dat is wat i hav to say

  • b

    all you retards need to learn how to spell

  • fu-cb

    my god you guys are all idiots if my girlfriend gave me aids id chew her ass out to