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Miley Cyrus mocks Asians

By on February 3, 2009

Miley Cyrus Ching Chong pose

Emulating the Spanish Olympic basketball team, the Spanish Olympic tennis team and Argentina’s Olympic women’s soccer team, pulled back her eyelids and offended a few billion people.

What might have been originally meant as abject mockery of the lone Asian in their group, has caused furor at the OCA, a group “dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans.” They issued this statement:

The photograph of Miley Cyrus and other individuals slanting their eyes currently circulating the Internet is offensive to the Asian Pacific American community and sets a terrible example for her many young fans. This image falls within a long and unfortunate history of people mocking and denigrating individuals of Asian descent…

…Not only has Miley Cyrus and the other individuals in the photograph encouraged and legitimized the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent, she has also insulted her many Asian Pacific American fans, said George Wu, executive director of OCA. The inclusion of an Asian Pacific American individual in the photo does not make it acceptable.

OCA hopes that Miley Cyrus will apologize to her fans and the APA community for this lapse in judgment and takes the opportunity to better understand why the gesture is offensive.”

Doesn’t the OCA know the unwritten rule that it’s not racist as long as you have a friend who belongs to the minority you’re making fun of or that one person from said minority declares that they’re not offended? Clearly, that’s the case here. Anyway, Miley can’t be racist. Some of her best friends are Asian, like, the guy who works at the Chinese restaurant she always orders from and what’s-his-name from that picture going around the web. Yea, that funny looking kid not pulling back his eyes. They’re total BFF’s.

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  • Lucifer

    Miley, Miley, Miley…everytime I say your name my desire for you grows! I can’t wait for you to impale yourself upon me, it shall be so pleasurable…FOR ME! Muhahahaha! The torment you shall endure as my “BFF” will NEVER cease! You’re gonna wish your father didn’t try to see his success through you! The fame and the adoration will finish you, and you are helpless to resist! If you want me as much as I want you, then I suggest you masturbate with some #80 grit sandpaper wrapped around some thornbush branches…enjoy!

    • Corey Chambers

      Very well stated, Lucifer!

    • important

      dude. your so creapin me out dude. your like freakin in love with her. if you wanna get to know her on a different level then do not do all that because shes only gonna find you creapy.

    • Alice

      LOL! Agreed darling. lol

    • aisha

      Haha Lucifer Damn You have an obsession !!!

  • Kei Nonaka

    Look, this wouldn’t be offensive if all asians got the”Slanted Eye Condition” surgery.Than they could leave the hospital and go mainstream!

    Afterall, nothing like the humiliating feeling that you look like a Korean!

    • soomee

      haha i bet you’re some fucking hideous looking jap whose jealous because koreans are better than you. btw
      dude i bet you jerk off watching koreans anyway so seriously…never speak again.

      you’re worthless.

  • capt. cornhole

    This is why adults can’t have sex with minors. You can get them to do things they don’t really understand.

    Those pesky priests know all about this. Some poor little kid is getting poked in the pooper by a priest, next thing you know that kid is eating someones liver for breakfast.

  • bobolabla

    they dont care what she did they just want her to apologise to them. to get the little famous girl to bow down to the mighty asian rights organization (a quick side note- the asian rights group is oppressing the rights of a little girl to get their way). and their last statment, about her “…taking this time to better understand why the gesture is offensive”, why aren’t they taking this time to understand why THEY are so upset with six rich suburban white KIDS “insulting an entire nation” by simply squinting their eyes. i think they are the ones with the problem.

    oh and thats right she just opened the doors to “hatin asian” again, cause we all know that she was responsible for forcing them to build our railways, and she was also the one who first suggested that we put all asian americans in inturnment camps during WWII. and i have it on good authority that she started that whole “me no riky” thing, which the cold bitch followed up with, “me ruv you rong time, ten dolla.” it’s miley frickin cyrus, if you believe that she has that much power to influence the social norms, than guess what, you just gave her that power.

    • Sugar

      Miley sure as hell didn’t start it but that doesn’t make it okay for her to actively engage in the perpetuation of these stereotypes. She’s old enough to know that it’s wrong and offensive. It’s not like she’s some random kid. She’s Hannah freakin’ Montana for crying out loud. And you’re reasoning is just as screwy. You’re basically saying that since she didn’t intend to hurt anybody that makes her actions okay. Well I’m pretty sure that most people who do the “slanty eyes” thing don’t mean to be offensive to Asians but if Asians deem it offensive, then out of respect for their culture and their community, we should not do it. You and Miley both need to grow up (and Miley’s growing up has nothing to do with her age).

    • jenn

      Wow you’re way off the mark. She’s setting a horrible example for those that look up to her, a lot of which are other suburbia rich kids who will take it as a sub conscience sign that you can get away with this crap in your schools. The other half of the people who are from well less areas like mine, and already there is so much subtle taunting of the two three asian kids in the school. And you know what, this photo only reenforces that its ok., “Its just some hippies and angry asian kids who want you to stop, plus they’re asian, not like they’re gonna hit back or anything” ~ is that the sentiment the media aimed at a younger generation wants to promote?

      Also what type of BS of an apology did she give. She was just making goofy faces? WTF. Yea thats why there’s an asshole in the back with the victory sign, squinting, with a hand covering his mouth? WOW lucky you guys, you guys all got a goofy face on the same theme? … oh minus the asian guy cause his face is just naturally goofy hmmm…

  • blah

    If shes that stupid enough to keep getting caught with these pictures, then she should apologize to the world of of her stupidity.
    It was wrong for her to put up Asian eyes and she should apologize. If she doesn’t want to always apologize, then she shouldn’t do stupid shit.

  • Jayda

    Miley is an idiot for this. But the Asian guy there is even dumber for being like hahaha this is funny

  • Corey Chambers

    Miley did nothing wrong. Imitating asian eyes is ok if asian eyes are ok. Only a few insecure asians and racists believe that imitating asian eyes is in any way negative. Cocky Chambers, Village TV

    • blah

      Look, I’m pretty sure if any one who mocks your race and who has no right to, would piss anyone off. It does not mean that the people within that race who is anger by the mockery are insecure. It is a simple reason why they are angry, because they don’t like to be ridicule.

      There is no need to say the Asians who are bothered by the mockery are insecure. Your reasoning shows that you, yourself do not understand.

  • Amanda

    what is wrong with you ppl ???? so what miley made a face big deal yo !!!! how many other ppl do that shit…are they gonna make them apologize as well?? come on yo….get over it already…

    • soomee

      so that doesnt make it a good thing, bitch

    • ASIAN!

      yur are fukin retard! it aint ok wen ppl mock asians! we’re kewll aiight! ur not. i bet ur a lame ass bitch. you aint asian so you don’t know how it feels. i feel like slapping ur fuk out of you!! *slaps*

  • Aaron M


    by “you ppl”…

    do you mean Asian people?

    because that’s racist.

    • Trina


  • Tyler M.

    Well for all the great insults one could say about her… who cares… for goodness sakes shes new britney spears, and I don’t mean “hit me baby one more time” britney, but the ooh look at me I’m all bald and diseased britney! So I hope that helps all the offended asian people sleep at night. No need to thank me.

  • ali

    Get over what? That it’s screwed up to engage in racist actions?

    A racist act is just that. Nothing more or nothing less.

    Challenge: Do a little bit of study of U.S. history and read up on Anti-Asian Exclusion Acts, the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, including U.S. citizens, anti-interracial marriage laws, etc.

    If one “mimics” an African American hanging from a tree, that’s not supposed to offend anyone, right? Please.

    Get over trying to defend a racist act.

  • Keno

    Well said ali, well said….

  • genesis

    seriously if she wants this scandals to stop, then stop taking pictures!!
    she might think its funny but to some other people it may be offensive.
    im Asian and i somewhat took it offensive because they all did it(besides the Asian dude, he cant help to make his eyes small.)

    *if your not Asian and your saying that “oh that’s not racist,” then think again, it is somewhat racist.

  • john doe

    If you are not asian, stfu and do not give your opinion as to whether her gesture was racist or not because you would not know how insulting, racist and taunting it is. I am asian and people use to make that gesture at me while insulting me at the same time with remarks such as gook/nip/chink/etc. Thus, non-asians would never understand how mocking or insulting or racist the gesture is if they do not view it in context with how asians are belittled throughout there lives with such a gesture. Anyone who makes such a gesture are being RACIST whether they like it or not and whether they intend to or not because the people who its directed towards has throughout their entire lives felt its sting.

    • soomee

      you rock. i love you.

    • Thatblackguy

      SO you’re a bitch because what about black and hispanic people? Screw asians no one cares about them. And I’m glad.

  • Dumbass Corey

    @Corey Chambers

    Yeah, Asians are insecure that’s why they object. Imagine if Miley made sterotypical image of a black person, yeah, and everything would be ok right?

    You see, some here have this superior mentality that all minorities should just take these things as jokes cus in their opinions, it is nothing harmful. Good call there dumbass. It is obvious that many asians feel strongly about this and telling them they should shrug it cus YOU think it is ok only demonstrate your own insensitivity towards other people.

    It’s like telling a guy who got punched in the stomach over nothing to shut his whinning and just take it. Why should he? You aren’t the ones getting punched.

    Are you telling me these people don’t have a right to protest over what they perceive as racist because you feel it is a joke? Who the hell are you?

    Let’s say you’re in an Asian country, and the Asians there mocked Caucasians by gluing hair all over their arms and started acting like hairy apes to perpetuate this nonsense stereotypes. I guess that would be okay to you, too. Cus, after all, they’re just joking.

    • soomee

      wait by asians you mean all asians??
      sounds like you’re the racist here.
      no all asians are insecure why dont you think before you speak?
      so um to you too…never speak again. you are also worthless.

  • R

    well,actually i am an asian,but i dont like being an asian at all.reasons?i cant say cuz asians would be very very angry…

    i dont really care if miley mocks asians or not.

  • iLL Will

    To all the white people..if you don’t think the gesture that Miley did wasn’t racist, go up to black person and pretend to be a monkey.

    • soomee

      but hey you shouldn’t use “balck person” next time…
      thats racist remember?? hahahaha jk

  • Bboy Air Wrecl

    gawd… you have no idea how offended i am. thats not cool at all… shes a role model and thats just… its really depressing that ppl still mock other cultures… idk im kinda speechless right now

  • pinkorwhatever

    what a load of tosh! does she really look like she is offending a great massive nation?? or more like she is just joining in some stupid photo?? she may be famous, but she is still young and human and like it or not, mean it or not, people will always make fun of something they are not.. be it fat, skinny, black, white, or anything else that might offend someone on this completely individual planet! surely we should be worrying about something ever so slightly bigger than this????

    and to ILLWILL (well the name says it all really) anyone who encourages anyone to go up to any person and say things like that, obviously has issues!..

    get a grip, when someone wants to be racist, they’re far worse than some silly photo! you can be a racist to any creed or colour in this day and age, including “white” people

  • benleon

    How bout we all don white masks and run around pretending we’re lynching some black people? How bout we paint swatzikas all over our public places? hey remember fuzzy zoeller asking for watermelon and fried chicken at the master’s dinner when Tiger won? Everyone’s joking, right? So it’s okay …

  • Daniella

    ok you guys need to get a life seriosuly. There is a fucking asian guy sitting in the group with her. Dont you think if what they were doing was meant to mock asians he would be a little pissed off? I dont think everyone in that room could possibly be so morally corrupt that they would mock thir friend right in front of him. And the only reason you are ripping on her is because shes a celeb. if she was a normal under the radar teen you people wouldnt give a fuck. not to mention all of you asians on many of you watch asian cartoons. Notice how they make the eyes big? Thats meant to mock white people with their “round eyes” so you are watching racist slander too. So seriously..shut up. Its not a big deal. Yes racism is wrong. But it was a bunch of UNDERAGE kids messing around. I hate miley cyrus and i still think you guys are douchebags

  • http://yahoo tis tis 123

    miey tis tis btw im black

  • kaoyee

    ur such a bitch miley why cant u respect asians like asians respect u. at least think before u do something stupid. no asians had never judge u until NOW!! GO TO HELL!!!

  • Patricia

    I’m Asian, and this is just too low even for her. She even took a picture, wth. I’m 16 too and I would never do something like that to insult any race or whatsoever. SHE NEEDS TO GROW UP, learn your values missy.

    MILEY: I used to like you, I mean I love HM. But because of all your issues and stuff, buh-bye. You do have talent but then you have your disrespectful ways of doing things. STOP acting like a diva, ’cause you’re so not. KEEP this up and you’ll have no career at all. YOU’LL be part of a magazine article entitled “The forgotten bitches of all time” 10 years from now. SO GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. it’s not too late to change.

    • Itsthatgordeouslatina

      I am sorry your asian. And who cares? The only reason you wont do anything to insult another race is because you’re scared. No one is afraid of asians. What the hell are they gonna do? Really?

  • Ara

    Miley, many people admired you for what you were doing before this incident. One suggestion though and this goes for everybody you have to think before you act. Specially those who are part of the limelight. People got different opinion and reacts in different ways. I am an asian and yes i do find it a bit painful. We all have different cultures and ways of life, but we need to respect each other in order to have a peace in our life. Maybe you should do apologized to asians specially the races that you were able to hurt without meaning it.

    I am just curious though about the asian she was with at the photo, how come he did not told his friends not to do it… He knows that the gesture will hurt someone around the globe, specially that they hhave someone in the photo that is a role model of “almost” all the youth on the globe.

    I think she is a role model gone mad. She is just a person and everyone commits mistakes but she must be ready to face and take actions on the consequences

  • Amber

    omg yall I’m not maiking fun of asains but I do that too with my eyes and my friend do that to with there eyes and I have asain friend and she does that too with her eyes and Demi Lovato is my friend and she told me that Miley Cyrus is not making fun of asains and Demi Loavto said too me she does that too with her eyes but she’s not making fun of asain at all and when i get older I will do the something and stuff like Miley Cyrus is doing becuase I still like her and stuff and the picture that Miley Cyrus has that shows her belly and pantes thoses are fake becuase people edit them and make them like that and stuff becuase thay hate Miley Cyrus and becuase thay dont have no better things too do then just make fun of Miley Cyrus and call her mean/bad stuff like that so I am making a ponit to all miley hates like I have a picture with Miley Cyrus on it and I edit it and put my name on it so backoff Miley Cyrus hates.

  • Alice

    Wow. She is an asshole. She has been very rude since she turned 15. And now shes 16. She should grow up a lot!!! I’m 13 and I’m not as retarded as her. I mean really? I have some asian friends.

  • Ralph Ang

    is Miley using me cause isent her a fan mail and she said vote for miley on teen choice awards so i voted for her when i saw this pic i was so hurt cause i am a Asian citizens i am a Chinese she should love the world and her Asian fans she should say sorry to Asians. and don’t hate Asians anymore. she lould love the world especialy Asians.

  • Ralph Ang

    and i live in the Philippines

  • Ralph Ang

    and i live in the Philioppines and i am a Christian I belive in Jesus Christ

  • Victoria

    she’s a Cunt..i never liked her!

  • Jab


  • Shelina

    lol im asian am not that bothered cant be asked to be bothered

  • Shelina

    she is just havin fun man im asian i DONT CARE

  • Shelina

    no-one cares about asians? YOU don’t FUKING CARE BOUT DEM no one cares bout u. Im glad

  • Gabriel_Macht_Fans

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
    ? Albert Einstein

  • joan8888

    I am Asian. Does not matter how I feel personally, it is not Ok. Miley is popular among young Americans, her influence is not small. Being a public figure, she should be hold accountable for her behavior. being ignorant and careless are not excuses. and if you are Asian, and was not offended, it is your personal opinion. it is like saying ‘ you can hit me and I am ok with it.’. but that does not mean it is ok for others. so wise up and think of larger scale and impact. and that ‘she has Chinese/Asian friends and orders Chinese food from same Chinese place’ justifications are totally lame. how many times we’ve heard bigots said that to defend themselves : ‘i am friend with so and so race’… does that give her a ticket to mock her so called friend’s race in public freely.. what kind of logic is that? Asians, stand up, don’t let people spit on your face and said ‘it is ok,’. Stand up and say something. No, we are not violent people, but we should have a voice.. we are not invisible, nor we are mute. the image of an ever tolerant of any abuses Asian sickens me.