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Miley Cyrus was also there

By on February 23, 2009

miley cyrus oscars 02

Someone should have told that the was about subtlety. That way she wouldn’t have worn this garish Cinderella dress. You’re going to an awards show, not a midnight ball.

And should a 16-year-old be showing this much cleavage. When did Miley even grow those things. She better watch out. Right about now, pedophiles are feverishly attaching balloons to their bodies so they can float over Miley to look down her shirt.

miley cyrus oscars 01miley cyrus oscars 02miley cyrus oscars 03miley cyrus oscars 04miley cyrus oscars 05miley cyrus oscars 06miley cyrus oscars 07miley cyrus oscars 08miley cyrus oscars 09miley cyrus oscars 15

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  • kathy

    she looked fabulous tbh. good for her for not going along with the boring basic look.

  • Laura

    she’s prolly menstrating..the huge swollen balloons

  • shayy

    she looks fine what 16 year old doesnt show cleavage have you not walked into a high school lately.?!

  • AJ

    What a no talent! What the hell was she there for?