OctoMom is looking to buy a $1.24 million house | The Blemish

OctoMom is looking to buy a $1.24 million house

By on February 19, 2009
I hope you guys can afford this because it looks great

I hope you guys can afford this because it looks great

Citizens of California, guess what? Your taxes might be paying off everyone’s favorite IVF welfare mother, ’s, new $1.24 million house. Nadya is in dire straits as her current home is set to be auctioned off due to $23,000 in late payments. Which means only one thing. Time to move.

Century 21 confirms that Nadya is indeed an interested buyer of a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house with pool in Whittier, California. TMZ says she’s getting the down payment from all the publicity she’s been doing. They even have a nice preview of the home here. So, rest easy. Just because you’re back eating ramen and living with your parents again doesn’t mean everyone else is.

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  • chewy

    she can put a downpayment on the house, but how will she pay the mortgage? by having more kids? what a joke.

  • Laura

    hahahaha. america the leaches

  • http://itcelebrity.blogspot.com mrx

    which cause :)

  • Keisha

    well i thawt she said she waz not looking for donations

    • Jim Bob

      Keisha might be legally retarded.

  • new mommy

    I am soooo sick of her…. I live in Whittier, just like octomom….. I am sad to say that she is from my lovely city! I just recently had a baby. Does anyone want to give me any finacial support??????? No I didn’t think so… She is insane…. She has a sickness! My mom met her once a few years ago at a park…. I actully remember my mom telling me about this crazy lady she talked with in the park, she said that she had 6 kids and wanted more. I remember thinking she’s nuts!!! Is this what I pay taxes for?…. I think if I met her, I’d pop her one in the face….. ha ha ha