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Melissa Theuriau is charming, topless

By on March 2, 2009

melissa theuriau bikini 15

Melissa Theuriau is probably the only reporter you could pop a boner to while a montage of amputated children, brutalized women and massacred husbands played in a little box next to her head. A lot of fans must go up to her and tell her that they loved her on so and so date only to be glared at and told, “You mean when I reported on the guy who locked his wife in the basement and repeatedly raped his kids?” “Wha? Oh, yea, yea,” they’d mutter as they began furiously masturbating.

More sexiness after the jump.

melissa theuriau bikini 01melissa theuriau bikini 02melissa theuriau bikini 03melissa theuriau bikini 04melissa theuriau bikini 05melissa theuriau bikini 06melissa theuriau bikini 07melissa theuriau bikini 08melissa theuriau bikini 09melissa theuriau bikini 10

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  • PunkA

    Hottest Frenchie in the world. Damn, she is just beautiful. Not sure why she is with monkey-boy, though. He looks more interested in a nap than her, which is criminal. He crippled balls ought to be shot off for this. If she was doing that to me, I’d have a stiffy the size of the Eiffel Tower.

    • Filthy American

      Why is such a hot woman hanging out with that skinny, hairy little toothpick? Is that what French women consider attractive? 80 pound guy who’s hairy like a little monkey?

      • Filthy American

        OMG, I mean, look at him, he looks like starvin’ marvin…or a teenager with polio…

  • chickmagnetstuff

    what is she doing with a hairy bone man, her hottnest is out of the chart and dude is a trash he’s so lucky

  • Jonathan

    this man is jamel debouze great comic and actor…”Monkey boy????” WTF this is so racist.

    sorry for my english, I’m french

  • mike

    It’s sad to see how money can corrupt (beautiful) women and make ‘em f*ckin sluts s*ckin hobbit dicks. vive la france !

  • grenadine

    She don’t need his money because she have so much. I don’t think it’s like that but they dont go together she is to beautiful for him. I would like to see their baby’s head.
    I’m french to so sorry for my english..

  • jo

    Jamel debouzze? Fucking bastard!!!

  • Sarah

    You are so sad. Seriously, he is a great artist, a very important people in France. First, because he is talented and then because he works a lot ! You, you’re nothing guys. Melissa Theuriau is beautiful, she could marry all billionaire she wants. She doesn’t need Jamel Debbouze in particular. She loves him, that’s all.
    Frustration can be so mean.

    • John

      You are exactly right, but the people posting cruel things are English, and there are a LOT of very nasty English people. I know because I am one.

    • Arain

      Best comment so far.

  • Guillaumedj2403

    Espèce de racistes!!! Ce sont vous les singes!!!!
    Jamel is very important artist in France,
    Vous ne pouvez pas dire qu’il est racite!!
    Et encore moins un Singe!
    Honte à vous, et courte vie à votre blog pourri

  • chips

    her boyfreind’s one arm is too tiny and small?what happened to him?

  • …….

    is this the best France can come up with? meh

  • Jeangean


  • Union_trait

    La jalousie vous bouffe bande de sales racistes. Dans tout les cas restez à vous branler pendant que Mr DEBBOUZE lui a une femme du tonnerre.  J’aimerai bien voir la tête de vos trues. Aller  pour finir salut les amériCHIENS FUCK YOU

  • Scorpion

    Jamel à une belle femme, et vous vous avez des femmes moches