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Jessica Simpson has an alright ass

By on April 13, 2009

Jessica Simpson @ Beso

Jessica Simpson hit up Beso yesterday when a daring paparazzi made it look like he was sliding into home as he snapped these shots of Jessica’s ass. That’s what I imagine happened, anyway. How is this possible? You’d think people would notice some perv with a camera the size of a Buick going off under Jessica’s skirt. They looked to be so close that the flash would have lit up the inside of her vagina like a Christmas tree. With the size of the lens the guy probably had and based on how close he was, if he zoomed in, you could make a detailed mapping of Jessica’s uterus.

I was also informed that we may have nipple.

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  • golublog

    There are some angles that are never flattering. Never.

  • markG

    it did:)

  • buzz and scoops


  • PunkA

    Good to know that she flosses……….

  • amanda

    that was bad. only perverts can take these shots

  • Ana Maria

    …who in their right mind goes out like that, with no underwear??? it’s so unsanitary; imagine the poor person who next sits in the chair she used…what is going on here???…

  • Cher

    naasty.. no panties….

  • mrsmayes

    flat as a pancake and saggy…NASTY!!

    • gob

      i would still fuck her

  • Matt

    Really?! Really! this is allowed?!?! wtf

  • Jason

    Are you people blind? She is wearing panties