Miley should "catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat" | The Blemish

Miley should “catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat”

By on April 14, 2009

has a Sirius show called The Foxxhole which sounds really gay, but anyway. Over the weekend, he and his cohorts talked about Miley swearing to ruin Radiohead’s career after they refused to meet her before their performance at the Grammy’s.

To put it mildly, Foxx thought Miley was a little unreasonable and went off on her with insults like: Miley needs to “get a gum transplant,” “make a sex tape with your daddy,” do heroin like Britney spears, do crack like Lindsay Lohan and catch chlamydia from a bicycle seat.

Don’t worry though kids. Miley is going to hee-haw this off. Like water off a gummy bicycle rider’s back. That’s all she can do anyway. Miley thinks black people are scary.

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  • Raina

    She deserves it.

  • Raymond

    That’s how much of a slut Miley is. Nobody’s gonna leave her alone except her One Hit Wonder daddy Billy Ray Cyrus. She should get gonorrhea so her pussy could burn when she pees. Jamie Foxx “apologized” to Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, but it’s not over. All over Hollywood and the internet think Miley Cyrus is a slut, I agree. A 16 year old whore who should do porno flicks and Girls Gone Wild and have sex with animals, too.

  • Danielle

    That is just sick and wrong! She’s a 16 year old girl whether people say she’s a slut or not she’s a child and people are talking about her having sex with her Dad on the radio. What is wrong with people seriously? I don’t know whether it’s Americans, celebrities or black people but your all fucked up scum!