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Olivia Wilde should have kept her name

By on May 14, 2009

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Under the impression that they’re still relevant, Maxim released their Hot 100 list yesterday and in a surprising twist, of House took first while Megan Fox of my pervy fantasies took second. With that, here are some facts about Olivia via PEOPLE.

  1. She’s been typecast as a bi-sexual. She’s played on on The O.C. and now on House.
  2. She’s married to an Italian prince. Sadly, no one cares about royalty there.
  3. Her dog Paco won a contest to be a spokesdog for Old Navy. She named her dog Paco. Awesome.
  4. She jumped 96 spots from last year’s Maxim Top 100 which should tell you Maxim just throws darts at a board to compile their list.
  5. Her original name was Olivia Cockburn, daughter to journalists Andrew and Leslie Cockburn.

Wait, what?! She changed her name from Cockburn to Wilde after playing Gwendolen in Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest in high school? You can’t just throw away a golden surname like that. At least gift it to someone who could use it. For instance, Lindsay Lohan. She can be Lindsay Cockburn Lohan. Never has a word summed up a person so well.

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  • Gelana

    Maxim made her number 1 because they couldn’t afford the the cost of putting The American Megan Fox on the cover. So they went with a complete unknown that no one will ever hear of. Maxim is hardly a household name in America and it’s not getting any more popular, and The Americans don’t bow to media the way we’d like. It’s as simple as that.

  • RMarie

    SHE beat Megan Fox??? WTF? She looks like a fukkin bobble head with that boney @ss body!

    • tsogian

      Looks like a meth addict actually!

  • star1

    10000times better then that ugly ass megan fox, she was probably hot before her 1000 surgeries

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