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Bar Refaeli is in GQ

By on June 5, 2009

bar refaeli gq 03

Guess who made an appearance in the Italian version of Gay Quarterly? Bar Refaeli. It takes a lot of effort to make me not want to jack off to photos of Bar, but by golly, Italian GQ has done it with this vintage style shoot. There’s only one of her in a bra. Only one. And this is supposed to be a men’s magazine? Are they scared of vagina or something? Because that’s what it seems like. GQ needs to understand that guys don’t care about all this artsy crap. They just want to see tits. The higher the quality and the easier it is to print out and paste on our dolls the better.

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  • ugggh

    if only she was not a Jew who promotes killing little Palestinian school children..

    • Bridget

      If only ugggh were not an idiot, blood-thirsty, anti-semititic, cretinous, pox-ridden, pedophile, who hates his betters.

      • Diana

        If only Bridget wasn’t such a fool to believe all the prejudices.
        Does it make a person anti-semitic just because they don’t support the killing of palestinians? (I know he referred to that she was a jew, thats wrong but still a person can’t say that they are against killings without being called an anti-semitic? No the killings aren’t justified, doesn’t matter who the country belongs to.
        Palestinians are being oppressed in the same way that the Jews were being in Germany before the holocaust. The Muslim Isrealis are not given the same rights as the Jewish population in Israel. And dont even mention Palestinians they almost dont have any rights left.
        I believe that there should be Isreal and Palestine.. it doesn’t make me anti-semitic just because I think that Isreal has got the upper hand in this matter and tries to justify their killings

        Wow Bridget you seem to have a lot of hate bubbling inside of you.

  • Liat King

    Diana, i think it couldn’t be clearer than using Jew in his rant that ugh is anti-Semitic.

    Those people are in a state of war. The Palestinian govt states in its raison d’être that it wants to destroy Israel, and attempts to do so. The israelis on the other hand are able to take out Palestine but they don’t. They don’t because they value human life, this core to jewish values. Regardless, it is a war zone and whEn they Israelis go in, they don’t go in to lose, they don’t go in to have there own people killed, they go in to protect themselves and sadly that involves people dying.

    Trust me when i tell you, Israelis don’t want war. We just want to live in peace. You don’t hear about the plaestinians we bring into our hospitals, you don’t hear about the food drives, blanket drives, etc we have for the Palestinian people. We don’t want to fight, we just want peace, but what is our choice when we are constantly being attacked? Please, look into the palestinian govt position on making peace. They have no plan for it, only to destroy it.