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Bar Refaeli is over it

By on July 29, 2009


and Leonardo DiCaprio split up fairly recently. She’s over him now. Leo is in the past, man. Bar is now seeing Ricardo Mansur, a polo-playing nightclub owner who is also coincidentally one of Gisele Bundchen’s ex’s like Leo was.

“On Saturday, they were all over each other at Hotel Byblos at the swimming pool bar, and then in a club later that night.”

Looks like she didn’t read any of my letters. That’s alright. It wasn’t that hard making the ink out of my own blood and tears. And it’s not like I wrote anything important like, oh I don’t know, a formula for the cure for cancer or the meaning of life. I guess to her I’m just some crazed lunatic who scribbles random elements copied off of a periodic table in weird ink. Is that what you think, Bar? That I’m unstable? Like Lindsay Lohan? Huh? Answer me when I’m shouting at you from outside your window! God, so unresponsive. Just like the cardboard cutout of you I have in my bed.

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