Emma Watson flashed her panties | The Blemish

Emma Watson flashed her panties

By on July 7, 2009


Emma Watson was at the Harry Potter premiere in London when the weather took a turn for the worse. A gust of wind blew up her dress and she ended up flashing her panties. Oh noes! Dress malfunction!

Alright, I lied. It wasn’t a gust of wind. It was me blowing as hard as I could from behind the railing. You can’t see it in the photos, but I’m the guy half-passed out on the ground with my hands raised in victory.

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  • Octavio

    Emma se ve muy linda en cualquiera de las fotos

  • Q5

    For me its OK, I mean, its not her fault, Its good she’s wearing a panty, unlike other celebrities, who is showing their private parts in public, and proudly showing them. I love emma as well as the other casts of Harry potter. Just take care next time emma, choose your dress wisely, make it safe , bring safety pins etc.
    PEACE to all.

  • Helen

    This one of several “accidents”, she`s had. The panty one in the limo, the top falling one, and now this one?Could she be doing this deliberately?Or maybe the paps are really quick with their cameras?