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The Lebron video Nike confiscated

By on July 22, 2009

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Early this month at LeBron James Skill Academy Camp, LeBron joined a bunch of prospective ballers in a pick-up game. That’s when the unthinkable happened. Jordan Crawford, 20, from Xavier took it to the anointed one and dunked on him. Shock! The thing is, it wasn’t that big of a deal until Nike got pissy and confiscated the video footage. They thought if it got out, it would damage James’ rep.

The problem was that there was more than one person video taping. TMZ bought the footage from another cameraman and plans on airing it tonight. Ebaumnation has another, much clearer angle of the dunk. Now let’s all point and laugh at LeBron.

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  • chewy

    That was it?!?! That got Lebron’s panties in a bunch? What a primadonna. I thought the other guy leaped over Lebron and Lebron got a face full of nuts. This was nothing.

  • skinner

    Ya, that was peanuts. Who cares now?

    • chewy

      i agree with skinner that the video was nothing. but i’m glad it came out. i hate it when these celebs try to cover up and protect their images.

  • Kristen

    I’m not surprised at all. LeBron is a big baby, just like the rest of them. Who cares that some kid got lucky and dunked?!?! You weren’t even the one covering him.
    King James needs to realize that everyone has a lucky day, and he can’t get his panties twisted about dumb stuff like this.

    • Bruno

      Hey, it’s not Lebron that confiscated the thing, its Nike, THEY are the wussies.

  • Will Klinton

    Even Yao got dunked on before, whats the big fuss LEfrown?

  • Kent

    NIKE is getting their panties in a bunch, NOT Lebron. The kid didn’t even dunk ON Lebron. Lebron was clear over to the side and the kid had a CLEAR DUNK. Lebron wasn’t even in the way. I swear that the people who post here read less and are dumber than the twats on This video is no big deal at all.