Anne Heche is back | The Blemish

Anne Heche is back

By on August 27, 2009

Anne Heche was on Letterman yesterday and after telling everyone not to get married because it’s the worst thing ever, the conversation turned even more delightful when they started talking about her ex-husband, Coley Laffoon. When Dave asks what he does for a living, Heche said “He goes out to the mailbox. He opens the mailbox door and goes, ‘Oh, I got a check from Anne. Oh, I got a check from Anne. Yay!’” I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling she doesn’t like him very much. It’s just something I picked up on.

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  • Dalton Russell

    Hey TheBlemish.

    I perceive that your’s and mine are similar sensibilities w/r/t to life and women. I base this on your insightful words and your blatant and well-reasoned mysogynism. For a long time l, I hated Anne Heche. She seems annoying and mousy and annoying. However, this was one of the best and most candid interviews ever. Actually, I still hate Anne Heche, but its more of a bland, simmering hatred now. Less seasoned. Less unbearable. Generally more pleasant. I hate Anne Heche like I hate my herpes, i.e. in the best way possible. That is to say, I know that I have to live w/ it, but it no longer keeps me up nights.

    I would also like to venture another guess at TheBlemish lips… Kiera Knightley?

    Warm regards.

    • The Blemish

      This interview was different in that it mocked more her ex than her. Kudos for that. Although, it did make her seem more of a bitch.

      And, no, not Kiera.

  • Sickitten

    God, no amount of makeup or plastic surgery can help Heche. When I was growing up, I believed you had to be special to be in films or TV. I can somewhat understand Jennifer Aniston and SJP but could never understand how this wallflower got her foot in the door.

  • Sickitten

    Wow, Degeneres dodged a bullet there. Whew!

  • mojitobaby

    I never liked her but this really cemented it – utterly and completely oblivious that this is still her son’s father. I don’t care if he’s a 24 carat gold asshat, you don’t put this out there so your little kid’s playmates will say, “My mommy saw your mommy on TV and she says your dad’s a jerk!” If you make a really lousy choice in marriage, you don’t get to indulge yourself by venting your spleen at your child’s expense.

    And TheBlemish lips look like Edie Sedgwick’s!

  • Jason

    Maybe he thanks his lucky stars that he got rid of Celestia the wacked out freak who isn’t sure if she’s an alien, lesbian or bitter woman.

  • Busybee

    Oh please.. theBlemish lips are easy.. Ali Larter