Mena Suvari was at the Palazzo | The Blemish

Mena Suvari was at the Palazzo

By on August 24, 2009


Mena Suvari showed up at the Palazzo in a bikini and she’s got a nice body, although, I can’t get past that god awful tattoo right in the middle of her chest where her cleavage would be if she had tits. I think it’s a “13″ but from far away it looks like a flaming turd. Was that what she was going for ? An optical illusion? Because, bravo, she’s done it.

Still, why would someone get a tattoo there. More importantly, why would it be of the day I was born. I’m flattered, but couldn’t she have gotten it on her lower back like everyone else?

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  • cdh

    What, no booty shots?
    You have failed me sir. Good day.

  • LIckity-splits

    It’s a MS-13 tattoo. That means she’s the property of a gang thug.
    Stupid bitch.