Jamie Kennedy dumped Jennifer Love Hewitt | The Blemish

Jamie Kennedy dumped Jennifer Love Hewitt

By on October 14, 2009

FOX 411 says that in his mind, has already dumped , but Hewitt doesn’t have a clue. Probably too busy munching on fried Oreos to head the warning signs.

The insider tells FOX411 that Jamie is still in contact with Funk, who is Britney Spears’ former assistant, but that the “Ghost Whisperer” star does not know.

“Jamie is still hung up on Shannon and has been telling her that,” says the source. “He also told her he had zero desire to go to the Tao event with [Love Hewiit], but Jen insisted they go together to put rumors to rest. Jamie decided he at least owed her that, so he appeased her and accompanied her to the event even though he’s pretty much checked out of the relationship.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt being dumped by Jamie Kennedy is embarrassing. That’s like Carrot Top making fun of you for being ugly. God, this is going to screw with her self-esteem. Which is perfect for me. All I have to do now is say “hi” and she’ll be all over me. If I take her to a movie and pay for dinner, then it’s game over. She’ll probably think I’m Gandhi after that.

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  • Louisa

    If Jamie Kennedy really dumped JLH maybe Robert Pattinson will be her fiancee if he will let her dream come true about carrying his luggage in the airport? I heard that Pattinson wants to carry Megan Foxes luggage.

  • Zena

    it nat true

  • Carrot Top’s Mom

    The Carrot Top comment was funny. I like JLH, she is pretty, but evidently has bad taste in men and movie roles.

  • rachel

    Well, I personally think her a** looks great! Why is it that celebs like Kim Kardashian and JLo are applauded for ample rear ends, but JLH is fat???? She has never been fat and she is not fat now. I think she has a great figure. Leave her alone!

  • Sherpa

    shes wearing ugglies.. i thought they went out of style :o