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Adam Lambert got nixed

By on November 24, 2009

’s performance on has been canceled as a direct result of Sunday’s American Music Awards appearance where he displeased middle America. GMA is afraid his performance may be an encore of Sunday’s with more stuffing of faces into crotches.

In a statement, an ABC spokeswoman said, “Given his controversial American Music Awards performance, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning.”

The GMA performance was scheduled for tomorrow. Now, the rep for Lambert, 27, confirms he will instead be on The Early Show on CBS.

There are way more controversial and mind-raping things out there at 9 in the morning other than an Adam Lambert performance. A few of which include leaked pictures of CBS news anchor Katie Couric drunk and shaking her ass, PETA’s Thanksgiving ad and this dog trying to eat a baby squirrel. On a list of “things that offend me”, Adam Lambert ranks somewhere between a dirty table and non-matching socks.

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  • sera

    this ugly dick sucker needs ta goooooooooo

  • Steve

    What is all the fuss about? What Adam doesn’t realize is who pays his salary when he makes a TV appearance, so let’s break it down. The people who watch the show from home are the ones who pay. Many were shocked or offended because this immature boy couldn’t control himself in front of their kids. They took it out on the advertisers who sponsored the event, who in turn, cancelled ads, cutting the bottom line for CBS. Now Adam is crying discrimination, poor baby boy. If he could think outside of a two foot circle, he might realize that he is cutting his own throat. The real discrimination comes from the consumers, parents of the children who witnessed what they should not have seen. They decide who stays or goes with their opinions. And by comparison this is not the same as the shit pulled by Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson although each caused similar backlash. Each of them quickly realized when to apologize, but Adam hasn’t wised up to that yet. I hope he doesn’t. It’s time for the real power, the consumers, to send him to oblivion. I want to forget he ever existed.

  • sad eyes

    I just want to agree with the above statement. Adam has talent, that’s true. But, he has gotten so sure of himself that he has forgotten that young people are not the only ones who see him, on any of the shows. While Janet jackson was trashy, in my estimation and I am only one person, she was not so agressively offensive. Adam took it to a new level. His Mom had to back him up, but if she had a girl, would she? Adam, go with the flow and if the flow says no, don’t go there. You could have gone a long way, and maybe you still will, but learn to set limits and instead of acting like a boy act like a man and apologize, even if you have to bite your tongue in doing so. Pride can set people up for failure.