Ed Westwick lets men kiss his nipples | The Blemish

Ed Westwick lets men kiss his nipples

By on November 10, 2009

That headline basically says it all. TMZ says this “striptease went down at Ed’s girlfriend’s and fellow cast mate Jessic Szohr’s friend’s wedding reception in Milwaukee recently.” Uh huh…you’re sure there’s nothing you want to tell us? Nice way of shooting down those rumors, Ed.

He must be trying to prove something by stripping barechested at a party and letting some guy lick his nipple like a tootsie roll. No, really, he’s not gay. If you want even more proof, he’s then going to let some guy kiss him “down there”. Now, would a gay guy do that? I think not. Oh hello Chace. Didn’t see you down there.

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  • emma

    The guy didn’t kiss his nipples.
    You should read the Star magazine article before writing.

    His girlfriend made him make the strip tease. She’s the one unbuttoning his shirt in the picture.