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Heidi Klum too fat to walk

By on November 4, 2009

won’t be strutting down the runway at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year due to giving birth only three weeks ago. Instead, she’ll be performing hosting duties for the event. She previously shared with E! News how she didn’t think she’d have enough time to bounce back from her pregnancy weight gain to show off her super hot model body.

“The last time [I gave birth], I had two months, and I don’t know if I have that much time this time. It was pushing it the last time. But if I don’t make it, I’m sure I’ll be very sad.”

I can totally relate to Heidi except that instead of pregnancy weight ruining my figure, it’s been a series of poor life choices. From indulging in that fettucine sandwich to sleeping with that homeless guy for meth and his BBQ chicken wings. Indeed, that Heidi and I are one in the same.

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  • IB

    The body in that photo is slim but it sure ain’t sexy. She looks like she power laxated the babyfat down the toilet – or had it sucked out down below.

  • IB

    Well I assume the photo shown is taken after she had her previous baby and took 2 months to slim down to catwalking. I could be wrong about that.

  • chewy

    i think heidi looks good no matter what. she’s a REAL woman. if that is considered fat, then give me all the fat girls in the world.