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Chris Brown is nice to strippers

By on December 21, 2009

It must suck to be Chris Brown. Every girl you meet is really taken aback and thankful that you didn’t punch them in the face. The public is astonished every time they hear you treated a woman with decency and respect. That sentiment is made clear in this report from Page Six.

Chris Brown finally got a break — when he unwittingly found himself at Greenhouse with girls from topless club FlashDancers. A source said, “When 86 gorgeous girls turned up, Chris Brown, who just happened to be there, looked delighted. And he has an eye for the Latinas.” Brown, who’s still on probation for beating Rihanna wasn’t drinking, the girls told Page Six. One ecdysiast who calls herself Carmen said, “He was the perfect gentleman and very polite.” Another girl, Maria, told us: “He was talking to me but checking out all the other girls at the same time. He seemed fun but very flirtatious . . . it was clear he had to be on his best behavior, especially with regards to how he treats women.”

And you say Chris Brown only delivered lines and not a straight right? Amazing. Granted, people’s feelings towards Chris may be more of a blessing than a curse. He’s set the bar so low for himself that as long as his date doesn’t end up in a hospital being treated for lacerations and contusions, it’ll be a complete success.

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  • Tabby

    Here is a comment for you, Go fuck yourself Chris is minding his own damn business so fuck you. We know he’s the biggest thing right now and you have nothing else better to do. Get a life and stop trying to live off of others life…..

  • jp

    the biggest thing right now? wow you really do live in your own little bubble. do you write to guys in prison? you seem that way because what kind of woman sticks up for someone whos violent to women. One thats so pathetic that she will take anyone. I hate crazy chris brown fans

  • Hannah

    Haha, Tabby is in denial. Chris Brown is a douche, get over it. He beat the shit out of a woman. You want him? Be our guest. I’ll send you a bedazzled neck brace as a wedding gift.

    • The Blemish

      I really need to set up a rec thing for comments. This was fairly awesome.

  • Tabby’s Momma


  • Josh

    Yeah but….Rihanna is obviously a total bitch and deserved it WOOP WOOP