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Chris Brown whines on Twitter

By on December 14, 2009

Last week, Chris Brown wrote on Twitter that “major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the fuck do i gotta do.” This was in reaction to not being able to find his new album “Graffiti” on the shelves at a New England Walmart. Brown continued, “WTF… yeah i said it and i aint retracting shit,” and “im not biting my tongue about shit else… the industry can kiss my ass.”

Well, one thing Chris can do is invent a time machine to travel back to early this year and not punch Rihanna in the face about a hundred times leaving her broken and battered. Barring that, there’s not much else except sell his CD out the back of a van. Although, Chris might want to stay away from high schools and middle schools. The police are real uptight about telling kids “I bet I’ve got something you’re really going to like. Just come around the back to my van.”

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  • allen

    yeah i just want to say that Chris your music sucks, and i hope that your record label drops your ass and no-one has anything to do with you. Dude it takes a real big man like your-self to beat the shit out of a helpless women. Congrats dude I guess the saying is true, you can take a brother out of the hood!

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    Just cuz he bangd rihanna out dat dont mean his music is shit!! his music is dope jus as much as rihannas is and he does have a point maybe it wasnt very carmm but fukk off cuz every1 makes mistakes and i bet al of yooh have dunn summinkkk dummm!! p.s luv yooh chris brownn!!

    • novicenurse

      Liivviiaa;): Seriously. Learn to read/write/spell! You sound ridiculous.

      I like Chris Brown’s music, but I would never do anything that would put money in his pocket after what he did to Rihanna.

    • Jason M

      Wow, Liivviiiaa;) you sound like someone who would defend a woman basher. Are you retarded? That’s about the only excuse I can come up with for you sounding like a 2 year old who just learned to punch buttons.

    • Lloyd

      OK fair enough. I’m going to your house to beat the living s#it out of you right now. It might be dumb but you can forgive me, right?

    • Liivviiiaa;)

      yh but all of us aint got nuffink to do wid it and if you went and hitted me den dat for me to decide cuz you carnt question me as if you no me!

  • C-dawg Brown

    Yo foo’! She ain’t no helpless lady she some nasty-ass skanky ho ghetto slag bitch. She whooped me so bad that I was shitting blood for the next 3 days. Maan she a bitch.

  • To the Honorable Master Liivviiiaa;)

    I say, old boy! I rather fancy your spirited use of the good King’s English! “I bet al of yooh have dunn summinkkk dummm”, indeed! I’ll have to share that with the lads down at the Polo field this weekend. Ha!

    Top shelve, old bean, top shelf indeed!

    Chivalrous B. Stuffshirt, III

    • Liivviiiaa;)

      loool yopur hillarious!! STUF!!

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    Wdf….holdd onn i neva sed it was okaii to hitt herr and and if yooh carnt read wht i saii get wid the times hun cuz i aint a retardd and all i was saying datt his music is shitt cuz he hit rihanna darlingg fukk yooh cuz if yooh carnt read wht am sayin den yooh the retard cuz yooh think lyk 1 and who eva saying datt i finkk dat it was right too hitt rihanna denn yooh dont fukkin noo me to saii datt soo i suggest yoooh stfu!!

  • haha

    liivviiiaa your making yourself look stupid, learn how to type or don’t comment on pages like this. Its scary that people like you are part of our society and have the right to vote. dooo uu undstannn whaaat i is saayin to yoooooh??

    • Liivviiiaa;)

      if you want me to type like this then im delighted to but its not really about how i type because im just commenting on what i think and if you got a problem with that then i really dont care because i dont know where your from but i can show you allot of peoples that write like dat ”yooh gets ma drift darlinn”

  • Josh

    LOL@ People thinking Chris hitting someone makes his music terrible.
    Tiger woods cheated on his wife, so i suppose he’s a terrible golfer now?


    • Liivviiiaa;)

      exactly ma poinntt!!! fanks josh!!

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    rightt….ok if this is how you want me to write fine but you really should not give two shits bout how im writing i have said what i think and i realy dont care if you think the totall opposite way and….i can show yooh nuff peeople datt rite lyk diss soo low the comments ”haha”

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    People!! if you want me to type like this then i am delighted to!! look its not really about how i type because im saying what i think!! i dont know where you guys are from but i can show you allot of people that write like datt ”yooh get me” and im not saying dat hes not wrong but no ones perfect and if he wasnt famous then no one wud give two shits but him and loyd you dont know me so theres no need to question me!!

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    its not reli about how i rite to be honest yh i dont care if you got problen wid it cuz duno where ya frumm but i noo nuff people dat rite lyk me ”yooh gets ma driftt” and im saying wht i think cuz dats wht acctually matter and if yooh want to hate me cuz i rite lyk dis den i dont reli give two shitts!! :D

  • Mike Nike

    Chris Brown is a closet homosexual. Any fool can see it. Listen to him talk. He’s so feminine….He’s gay people.

  • haha

    @liivviiiaa hahaha you can type however you want. And yes, please show me people who right like you (“duno where ya frumm but i noo nuff people dat rite lyk me”) and I am sure they will all be mentally challenged in some way. I dont want to be rude but it is all about how you view and represent yourself. If you talk like that eveyone will view you as an uneducated individual, im sorry but its true. Do you think any respectable company would hire you if thats how you communicated?

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    have yooh herd me speek??

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    and ”haha” dis aint no company its a page i now what i wud av to go if i it cumz to dat sort of thinkk soo noo need to worrie bout me darlinn!!

  • haha

    And I dont blame you, I blame the whole urban culture that shows young adults to act this way. Everytime I go to the mall I see kids who are part of the “hip-hop” crowd making fools of themselves, dancing in the middle of the mall bumping into people, being rude and loud, literally barking at women and showing no respect for themselves or others. When did it become cool to look like an idiot?

    And for the record im not a 50 year old concervative redneck, I am 22 year old minority who is a fan of rap and hip-hop but realizes it is entertainment and not a blueprint and how to live your life.

  • Lakeshow

    Shut up Chris! Nothing but time can heal the gaping PR wound. Your whining is only making to bleed…

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    ”haha” im a fann of all dat to but im the the type to go do randumm stuff in the steets and im in ma teens and jus cah i rite lyk dis it dont reli make me a a person dat wud do datt!!

  • Rhonda Brown

    Oh okay so he had a domestic despute with _____, and defended himself because he got busted cheating, can he move on now, Shit Chris don’t be mad her record sales ain’t do shit, she thought she could mess urs up and her’s go sky rocket, how come she ain’t lashing out on Telia Tequila who is telling everyone about her HERPES SYNDROME, which caused Chris Brown to whip her ass, just hold tight, when ppl get away with shit they do it again!!! This time a Man is going to Kill her Burning like a Fire Starter. Check the status of her past relationships, & see how come West Indian Woman have Cuts on their Faces, check it out!!

  • haha

    Im not saying you are the type of person that would do that, I am just saying you have to present yourself in a respectable manner in life. If you talk that way, you will only be respected by those in the same group as you. You can be the best person in the world, but if you present yourself in a poor manner that will reflect poorly upon you. Its simple, if you smell like shit, people will assume you have poor hygiene. If you talk they way you do, people will assume you are uneducated and stupid. Sorry thats the way it is….

    And you are still young, what you need to learn is that just because people around you talk like that and think its cool doesnt make it acceptable. Learn how to type and speak properly and see the level of respect you earn from others.

  • haha

    And I have seen people who communicate in “cool slang” try to interview for a job, and believe me they sound just as stupid when they TRY to sound professional. It is not something you can turn on and off. Even in your previous post, when you tried to type proper to prover a point, you still sounded ghetto. Im sorry but if you speak and write that way your whole life, thats how your are going to sound. Try to find one professional with a good office job that talks and writes that way, good luck.

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    Well haha i appreciate what you are saying but i really dont care what people think because at the end of the day i no i am goining get far in life because i have the petential and this is only a page i get high grades in all my subjects and when it comes literature i no what to write and i know how to be formal and write but this matter did not eally occur to me because its not really something that i would worry about in such a way.

    • Second that, haha

      Oh, man, I did NOT want to get into this conversation. I *never* comment on shit like this. But I have to support haha’s point on this one, Liivviiia. I mean, even when you try to reform your writing style you’re typing “no” instead of “know,” “petential” instead of “potential,” and confusing right and write. It’s really shitty, but you *do* get judged on stuff like that. And if you have the potential, as you say, and get good grades, and have a bright future ahead of you, there is no reason why you should sell yourself short like that. You deserve better!!

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    i live in england potential is the way we spell it and its a page im just used to writing like that on msn or fb or a page im not affraid to be critisized but i realy dont give two shits if its on a page and im not sellin ma self shorty in the real world this isn’t going to go on my cv

  • Rex

    First, Chris Brown is a punk. He was a punk before he BIT someone’s FACE. No matter how angry you are, you just don’t bite people if you’re older than 2. Second, Livia is obviously an idiot. Stop dancing around with her and giving her the attention she craves. Idiots get louder the more you acknowledge them – it’s in their nature. You can’t speak with them logically. They’ll keep misspelling words on purpose and annoying educated people long after you’re done trying to help them succeed. Just let her go.

    • liiviia;)

      Rex you cant call me a idiot without knowing me!

    • Liivviiiaa;)

      its liivviia;) actually! get it right you IDIOT!!

  • Kay

    Im lost dont judge people because you can’t say liiviia’s a idiot if you don’t know her.

  • Kay

    i know my english is crap!

  • Kay

    hehehehehhe lalalalallaaaa im boorrrdddd if i may say i think u lot are fabulous!!!! loves yar lmao

  • Liivviiiaa;)

    Loool randummm…kay your nice deys people are on ma case!

  • ErrorNaNoMus

    Livvia your a fuckin idiot….you should choke on a fucking bone and die because your just a fucking idiot