Hulk Hogan is marrying his daughter | The Blemish

Hulk Hogan is marrying his daughter

By on December 3, 2009

Well, not really. Hulk Hogan is engaged to his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel who bears a striking resemblance to Brooke Hogan, his daughter. At LAX on Tuesday, Hulk made sure to point out Jennifer’s diamond ring to photogs. Everyone immediately vomited at the thought of Hulk banging a woman that looks so much like his daughter. Everyone then agreed that if Brooke looked like Kate Beckinsale, they’d understand. But Brooke? Aw, gross.

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  • kt

    i saw hulk hogan and his fiance in the tampa airport last year and my best friend and i swore it was brooke… so we kinda followed her into the bathroom. i dont know what we planned to do once we cornered her there, but we followed nonetheless. we stopped our stalking and left when she took off her sunglasses to look in the mirror and we realized it wasnt brooke. to this day we still talk about how gross it is that they look so much alike.

  • irfan Ulhaq

    hes not marrying his daughter the headline of this article is stupid and false, and shes a lot older than his daughter and doesnt really look alike aside from the blonde hair

  • Cait

    This is stupid, have you guys given thought to the fact that this is typically his ‘type’ of woman? Might as well say he was previously married to his daughter as well, since Linda looked similar to this woman. He obviously likes tan and blond, and since he’s tan and blond as well, it’s not so strange that his daughter turned out to be, wait for it…TAN AND BLOND. You’re making something out of nothing, move on.